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On Saturday, September 26th CrossFit Durham will take part in Fight Gone Bad IV, a nationwide fundraiser benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project and Athletes For A Cure.

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WOD for Tuesday 090728Today’s WOD Schedule — Click Here
5 Rounds For Time:
5 Power Snatch (135/95)  
5 Burpees
5 Power Cleans (135/95)
5 Ring Dips
5 Thrusters (135/95)

After all 5 rounds are complete, finish with 1 rope climb

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Getting off the ground!

  1. Sarah D Reply
    Ok, since Angie happened last week, I keep saying, "I really need to give my pecs a rest. But ok, I'll do burpees again today anyway. But just today." Somehow, I keep finding myself saying that. So I wrote a little poem for yall. Here goes... Burpees in the morning, Burpees in the evening, Burpees all afternoon. When you go to CrossFit Durham Burpees are all you do! Well, as Burgener would say, "Yay Burpees!"
  2. cke Reply
    Green eggs or ham? For many of us mortal’s burpee’s are a challenge. I see no issue with throwing in maintenance (5+/- burpees) into whatever wod. It merely helps those who are not good burpee’s to practice and get better with others support …this aspect too is part of community.
  3. Sarah D Reply
    oh hell, i'm just playing around. i actually love tossing burpees into workouts (don't tell anyone this). i just got a pretty good laugh out of swearing them off during the week long span that we were doing them every other day or so. and anyway, how else can i give greg hell for making me do burpees? ;) if anyone is inspired, feel free to post your own little jingle about burpees.
  4. lindsay hill Reply
    i wish i had a burpee jingle...i was more wondering when we would get to start work on the van dam lift... this workout is terrible...thanks.
  5. Lori Reply
    van dam lift...really... what would possess you to even THINK about making up that lift... and then actually try it?? And now I'm starting to wonder, how would Dave break it down for demonstration purposes??
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Lori go to minute 4:50 and you'll see what you're in store for :)
  6. mandy j. Reply
    some burpees are red, some burpees are blue, but all the burpees ive done, freaking blew!
  7. B. Kiddo Reply
    How about a haiku? Burpees really suck Are the bain of existence Evil streak Greg has
  8. mandy j. Reply
    a burpee haiku... excellent.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      there is a burpee poetry contest in here somewhere. i'm sure of it :)
  9. Shane F Reply
    Haiku? I don't like burpees Burpees make me feel so fat Burpees are not fun
  10. Lori Reply
    Dave - now i know where you get your ideas for the WODs... Actually, if YOU goto minute 1:58 you will know how WE feel when you say "more butt!" or "deeper squat"!
  11. Sarah D Reply
    Tonight was really fun. I loved being there when the Foundations class was doing Fran. They really kicked some ass on that tonight! A shout out to all the new band kippers... yeah Bea and Melinda! That was amazing! Mandy, way to coach folks through that. As for the WOD, I feel great about power snatching 85lbs. I generally consider 95lbs to be my max, and I HAVE to squat in order to catch it. Being able to power snatch 85lb multiple times was new to me. Did the WOD in 10:18 (I could be a couple seconds off).
  12. john hill Reply
    Did the WOD Rx in 21:07. I hate burpees too, but they were rest time compared to the snatches. geoff and chad smoked this thing in 14 and 17 minutes rx, and geoff informed very loudly that "I didnt see a rest period prescribed in this wod." thanks geoff, you helped me push through there at the end.

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