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Hurricane Carter

31 Heroes Workout on 9/3 and Fight Gone Bad 6 on 9/17!  Learn more

WOD for Sunday 082811Click Here For Today’s Schedule
In teams of two, with only one partner working at any given time, and partners alternating each full round, complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
10 Burpees
20 yard Bear Crawl (approx 3 times across the gym from window to yoga wall)

Post Number of Rounds Completed to Comments
Partners will alternate FULL rounds in this workout.  Scale movements as necessary.

Bear Crawls!

We will participating in Fight Gone Bad 6 on September 17th to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundations.  The gym will be closed that day except to those who have signed up to particpate!  Join our team here

  1. Cliffnov Reply
    Hey y'all. I came into the gym today to work on my starting strength progression. I did my first warm up set of squats with just the bar on the second platform from the back wall. Then Paul asked me to move to the last one, which I was happy to do, because the gym was scheduled for his class's WOD. Did the rest of my warm-up sets in the corner, and loaded up the bar for my first work set, when I heard Paul explaining the WOD to everyone: bear crawls, burpees, and wall balls. Wall balls? I was definitely going to be in the way if people were going to be running by my platform all the time to do wall balls, so I unloaded my bar and trekked the weights across the gym to the other far platform. Well, second one in. The far one was already taken. Paul apologized for making me move twice. No problem, Paul! I was happy to have a little more time before starting my work sets. I'm never in a hurry to put 295 lbs on my back and squat it. That's right. I'm squatting 295 lbs now! Five times! For three sets! Two months ago, when I started this progression, my 5RM was 225 lbs. I started the progression at 185 lbs, added five pounds each session, and I blasted past my 5RM 70 lbs ago. Holy crap people! This lifting heavy thing really works! Did bench press after that. 175# x 5/5/5. Thanks Jed and Jason for the spots. Then I deadlifted 305# x 5 (one set), using hook grip. 305 was my previous 1RM. I've failed a couple times trying to lift 315#, but since I hit 305 for five reps, I decided to add a ten to each side, and just go for one rep. With 325# on the bar, I grabbed hold, set my back, tightened everything up, and lifted as hard as I could. And the bar came up easy. I could definitely have put more weight on it. How much, I'm not sure. And I didn't want to expend too much more energy deadlifting. So I put away my weights, joined Paul and his crew for about two minutes held in an unweighted air squat, found some more weights I needed to put away across the room, and left. Thanks, Paul, for letting me work in during your WODs. Hope I managed to stay out of your way.
  2. Cliffnov Reply
    Also, thanks Chris and the tall guy whose name is slipping my mind for watching my form and spotting during the squats. It's always appreciated.
    • Dave Reply
      Cliff - badass!!!
  3. Anna C Reply
    for the record, i did not come up with this wod, so stop cursing me for all the bear crawls
    • Dave Reply
      Hurricane Carter was not a reference to Anna :)
  4. Paul (Yes, THAT Paul) Reply
    Cliff, my apologies for asking you to move twice. My thanks encouraging folks -- and they needed it. This was quite a difficult WOD. Most importantly, congratulations on your lifts! I don't doubt that you'll soon be dead-lifting more than my 1RM. I don't hate you. Yet. Dave, are you referencing Rubin "Hurricane" Carter?
  5. shayne Reply
    great job on the lifts, cliff! your hard work is definitely paying off!! also, a shout out to laura, who benched 3 sets of 5 reps *at her body weight* on friday! to anyone who's wondering: yes, starting strength works!
  6. Nick Reply
    So not to sound dumb, but what is starting strength? Sounds like something I could benefit from.
  7. shayne Reply
    Nick, starting strength is a book by mark rippetoe & lon kilgore and a weightlifting program developed by mark rippetoe. here's a helpful wiki that sums up the program: here's a link to the book on amazon:
  8. Nick F Reply
    Thanks Shayne! I'll check it out.

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