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In A Single Bound

Did you hear the big news?

WOD for Tuesday 101811Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Max Height Box Jump
4-6 attempts at a flat footed max height box jump
AMRAP in 15 minutes:
10 Burpees
15 Deadlifts (185/135)
20 Double Unders

Post Box Jump Height and Workout Rounds Completed to Comments
For the strength segment, starting flat footed jump on the highest box you can.  Take no more than 6 attempts (after you’ve warmed up).

For conditioning workout, scale Deadlift load as necessary to ensure proper movement execution.

Upcoming Bootcamps Beginning THIS WEEK!
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CrossFit Bootcamp – (M/W/F @7:15am)
CrossFit Bootcamp – (M/W/F @6:00pm)
Weight Loss Bootcamp – (M/W/F @7:00pm)

Still having issues with Double Unders?  Maybe Speal has some tips for you!

  1. Cliffnov Reply
    Hey y'all. If you're thinking at all about trying out a weightlifting competition, you should read this post by Glenn Pendlay about the Grand Prix, which is right around the corner in South Carolina.
  2. Paul K Reply
    Topped out at 38" max height box jump. That's a PR as it's the first time I've tested this. Very pleased and pleasantly surprised to clear 36". Took a couple shots at 40", but it got inside my head and I missed it twice. Still very pleased. Did the METCON at 157 for the dead lifts. 4 rounds plus 10 double unders.
  3. Doug Reply
    Active rest week continues. Modified the WOD heavily - 10 Abmat Situps (odd) 10 Abmat back extensions (even), Run 400m, 20 DU's. The goal wasn't to "blow up" my heart rate, more wanted to get a nice endurance workout in. On the last round i really slowed down my run as my heart rate spiked. 5 rounds + 200m (some of it a walk).
  4. Ashley Denton Reply
    Worked back squats today before the WOD. WOD - 7 rounds RX Worked on ring dips afterwards. Doing some running in a bit, and then taking a rest day tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit run down.
  5. Ashley D Reply
    Okay, no running. My couch is way too comfortable. Next stop is my bed.
    • Dave Reply
      I'm placing an order for more Abmats tomorrow. Let me know asap if you'd like one of your own for home. They're $30
  6. Dave Phipps Reply
    I'm on a run of PRs lately. Got another today with a 41" box jump. I wanted to get 42" but I psyched myself out of it.
    • Dave Reply
      Nice job, Dave! What do you attribute your run to?
  7. T-roie Reply
    Looking very forward to the new stuff! Great wod today: got up to my current flat foot box jump of 44"...did 6 rounds, 10 burpees, and 9 deads for the metcon RX. Time to catch some zzzzzs, see yall at know who you are. P.S. can't wait for the CFC 2011
  8. Anna C Reply
    this one was a bit more difficult than expected. the deads were definitely my limiting factor. got 6 rounds+10 burpees+1 DL Rx. this one wasted me but i felt awesome after! i think it made it worse that i coached at 5 and watched everyone in agony knowing that i was going to have to do the same thing in the next hour. but i feel great today. kept my form on the deads so my back is feeling good. nice work to everyone in the 5 & 6 classes!

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