In Fourteen Hundred Ninety-Two -- WOD for 101110 at CF Durham | CrossFit Durham
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In Fourteen Hundred Ninety-Two

Amazing “Grace”, Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser, coming October 23rd.  Register here

WOD for Monday 101110 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
5 sets for max hold time
21-15-9 For Time:

KB Snatch – right (52/35)
KB Snatch – left (52/35)

Post Handstand Times and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, you will do five sets of handstand holds for time.  

For the Metcon, scale KB load to ensure proper movement execution. 

ENDURANCE WOD tonight at 6pm!
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
Run 200m, Rest 30sec
Row 200m, Rest 30sec
Rest is included as part of the 20 minutes

Upcoming Foundations Classes
Starting October 19th (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

Upcoming Events
Amazing “Grace” Fundraiser – Saturday, October 23
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CrossFit Rowing Foundations Certification – Saturday, January 15

Halloween Party on Saturday, October 23rd!
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  1. cke Reply
    Erin trip t'd it this weekend and took home the frame that's endurance. well worked for and done!!!
  2. Jonathan Johnson Reply
    @Dave. Can we go left arm 1st? Thats how I saw it on the main site a few days ago.
    • Dave Reply
      I don't think it matters, as long as you complete all the reps of one arm before switching to the other.
  3. Mats Reply
    My WOD in Seattle: 400m Run 50 Squat Jumps 40 Seated OH Press 45#/35# 30 KB Swings 53#/35# 20 Pullups 800m Run 20 Pullups 30 KB Swings 40 Seated OH Press 50 Squat Jumps 400m Run All done with a 30# vest. 29:06
  4. Chris C Reply
    10:51 today. 35 lb KB. I think Bill was close to half that Rx. Thanks to Ashley for suggesting the removal of one pull up band mid WOD and the help with the kips afterward.
  5. Ashley Reply
    great job to the 8:30 and 11:30 classes this morning. i loved having some of the night crew in class w/me today. you guys need to come back more often! :) and i'm sorry about the mix up at 6:15, everyone. i'll be out again next monday, but i'll make sure my communication skills are better this time! deadlifts 10x3 @ 180 press 10x3 @ 65 dead stop front squats 10x3 @ 98 row for meters 40:20 x 5 181, 183, 184, 183, 179 (see, that crash on the last row is my endurance. it sucks!) worked on handstands and ring dips! still feeling pretty beat up from my wod on sat, so i'm thankful today was a lighter day.
  6. Ashley Reply
    oh, and the dsfs were actually 90 instead of 98.
  7. GabeHall Reply
    Did endurance WOD before todays metcon.... 20 minute amrap: Row 250 meters than rest for 30 sec than repeat etc for 20 min Endurance WOD: 3994 meters Todays WOD: 7:25RX

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