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It Ain't Dead Yet

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Tueaday 090721

Deadlifts (225/155)
Knees to Elbows

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The Adventures of Dunsey in Snatchlandsarah in lily pad

  1. Lori F Reply
    More deadlifts today... don't know if that's good or bad! Worked strictly on form today, hitting 205 alongside my lifting partner, Sarah! Did WOD in 9:21 RX... and my hands have still not recovered! PS, KipmasterB, TomA, Mandy, where y'all been? 6:15 misses you!
  2. Allison B Reply
    Good job Lori. I was teaching at ECU last night, so didn't make it in this am since I had to drive back. Tomorrow morning I'll be running, but I'm coming in at 530 pm to try the 100 pullup challenge! I miss 6:15 too! See you soon!!!
  3. Mitchell Devastation Reply
    Watch as the elusive Saroticus Pantsus Dunsmoraris, more commonly known as The Dunsey, lifts an item of tremendous weight well above her own head. This maneuver, that has recently been dubbed "the Snatch" by the scientific community, has a power that is only rivaled by the strength of the ant, which can lift several times its own body weight. It is unclear as to what the purpose of this movement actually is, but there are theories that it has something to do with Beyonce.
  4. becky Reply
    sarah made the sights and sounds of the games write up!
  5. Naomi Reply
    GREAT pic and writeup on Sarah! Note she's got a half page pic all to herself. With regard to today's WOD: If anyone finds my hands, please send them to me. Got up to 195# on skillwork. Did WOD at 125# in 8:03.
  6. lindsay hill Reply
    I struggled today. Everything felt ridiculously heavy, so for skill work I only got up to 175 for 3. The wod reminded me why the box is better than globo gym, because I had to yell to get through my last set of deadlifts...I finished in 11:50something Rx.
  7. Becky N Reply
    Mitchell your comment made me laugh out loud :)
  8. Sarah D Reply
    Mitchell, that is the best interpretation I have heard in a long time. And yes, my ability to "do snatches" does have a thing or two to do with Beyonce ;)

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