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Jerk and Run

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Friday 090710
Push Jerks
For Time:
15 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
Run 200m
10 Clean and Jerks
Run 200m
5 Clean and Jerks
Run 200m

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Buyer: Beware Supplements 
Minimize Spinal Movement Under Load
Big Meal Propaganda

Here are some one limbed CrossFit exercises to inspire the injured to keep gettin some!

One Arm Snatch

Working Wounded

  1. Allison B Reply
    Soooo bummed to be missing this WOD! Looks like a great one. But, I'm taking a recovery day. Hope you guys all kill it!
  2. lindsay hill Reply
    this has been a great week for the 8:30 the hills got to workout with the wiggens...I am still sore from yesterday, for push jerks I got to 80, no pr but I felt good about it. I used 65 for the wod, and finished in 12:46.
  3. Naomi Reply
    Saturday's CrossFit Games' site has posted the workouts for day 1. GO SARAH!
  4. mandy j. Reply
    my hands are crapped out and bleeding and i smashed myself in the face on the jerks today. awesome. got up to 155# on the jerks and the wod was 11:04 as rx'd-- i am the worst runner alive.
  5. Naomi Reply
    Nah, Mandy, I already have the worst runner alive designation! ;)
  6. Shane F Reply
    Push Jerks 5x 190 (PR) post-WOD. 14:10 as Rx'd. Reference the CF Games Workouts....I can't wait until WE start sledge hammering 4 foot steaks into the ground! Go Sarah!
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Made up yesterday's WOD: 5 rounds 7 Deadlifts @225lbs 30 Air Squats 7 HSPU's -- I subbed kick up to handstands cuz I pretty much get zero ROM on a real HSPU and I'm tired of piking on a box.....this was a really good sub actually. 15:57
  7. john hill Reply
    Got up to 185 on the push jerks today. 830 class consisted of the wiggen and hill clans, which was pretty sweet since neither family usually makes it to 830. Did the wod rx in 9:01. Cant wait to see our girl sarah on the podium.
  8. Matt H Reply
    Funny.....this week was all about working through injury and I injured myself.....probably about half way through the third set of deadlifts yesterday and pulled something.... was trying to do "murph" today with 20 pound weight vest as substitution but ended up sleeping all day so just made a workout up..... 100x bench press @ 135 lbs (timed) (no bouncing off chest, full extension) 12.59 even actually really hard

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