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Just Get It Up There

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Wednesday 090617
For Time:

Row 500m
21 KB Snatches (total)
Row 500m
15 KB Snatches
Row 500m
9 KB Snatches

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Lindsay is celebrating today!  Happy Birthday Lindsay!!

  1. Naomi Reply
    Time was 12:14 with 20# KB for 21-15 and 25# KB for last 9 reps. Nothing is ever easy as it seems! Great job 6:15 crew, and way to rock out 52# KB, Craig!
  2. Rachel Reply
    I managed 10:07 with a 25# kb, but I'm not sure I believe that my "commitment" to the kb snatches will prevent my forearms from bruising....
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Paleokits are in! Large Kits are $5 XL Kits are $6 This initial order has 50 Large kits and 25 XL kits. If you contacted me prior to the order then these are for you and you need to come pick them up as soon as possible. They do not have a long, out of the refrigerator shelf life, so if anyone is slow in acting we will sell them to whoever else wants them. It only took a week to get them in, so if these go quickly I will place another order right away. let me know if you have any questions. breakdowns of what's in each kit can be found at: www.paleokits.org
  3. Shane F Reply
    I joined 11:30 again due to my schedule. 9:31 as Rx'd. Could not quite hang with Chad. The cash out was especially hard for me, 1st attempting at the pistols. I need some work on these.
  4. Sarah D Reply
    Dave, I am going to grab 20 of those Large kits. I will be eating loads of them at the games. So if I can get in on the first order, that would be great. See you tonight, Dunsey
  5. Tom A. Reply
    To all my 6:15am Peeps, I miss you guys! I have been doing some crossfit with my students and stealing their souls. It's awesome to see my students starting to come around and realize that in order to be in the Army Infantry you need to do more than run 5 miles every now and then. I'll see you all when I get back on the 29th!
  6. Chad Edwards Reply
    Good job to the lunch crew. Everybody did as rx'd! I wish we rowed more often... 8:28 as rx'd

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