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Keep It Together

Nutrition Q&A Session — TODAY, 12-1:30pm – FREE!

We are running WODs at 9am and 10am today as usual.  Anyone wishing to complete the CF Open WOD should plan on doing it at 11am.  Please do your best to not disrupt the regular classes at 9 and 10.

WOD for Saturday 032611Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Max Rep Pushups
Perform 1 every 5 seconds.
You must hold your hollow/plank position at the top between pushups – any break in your back, butt up, or knees down to rest and you’re done!
For Time:
40 Wall Ball (20/12)
30 Sandbag Walking Lunges (as heavy as you can handle)
20 Burpees
30 Walking Lunges
40 Wall Ball

Post Pushup Rounds and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment,  make your pushups as strict as possible.  Any deviation in perfect form ends your set.  If your set ends before 5 reps, give it a couple more attempts.

For the Metcon, use the heaviest sandbag you can for the walking lunges.  Carry it across your back, on your shoulders, or hug it across your chest.


Upcoming Foundations Courses
Starting March 29th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm) – Only 3 spots left!
Starting April 26th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

Upcoming Events
Nutrition Guide Rollout and Q&ATOMORROW!
FREE Bailing Class — Sat, April 9th
USA Weightlifting Referee Clinic — Sat, April 30th
Fifth Ape Natural Movement and Parkour Seminar — Saturday, May 14th
Bull City Barbell Open — Sat, May 31st

  1. doug Reply
    No max reps for me since in bonus work earlier this week Ashley had us to 1-10 pushups followed by 10-1 pushups.. I hate double unders like Paul hates Michael Kelly. I'm hoping for ring dips for next week's games WOD For the WOD, I chose 2 x 40# sandbags for the lunges. That sucked. 8:02 rx with 80#'s.
  2. Monster Mats Reply
    I used a 70 lb sandbag for the WOD; 8:09, Rx. I did the open WOD again using clean and jerk instead of snatch. I managed a whopping 2 more reps; 5 rounds + 30 DUs + 11 PS.
  3. Jed Reply
    I hate the Open WOD. 6rds 15 minutes later on reg. WOD 9:22RX But have no idea on weight of sandbag. Doug beasted it and I think he was mad when I kept telling him c'mon even though he was ahead of me and using more weight.
  4. Nelly Reply
    13:00 on the WOD. I know I'm slow so I went (relatively) heavy, though: 15lb WB and 50lb sandbag (at least, that's what Ashley said it was, and I trust her). I'm kinda kicking myself for not at least trying the open WOD, but I'm still on the really, really sucky end of the double-under aptitude scale. Meh. I'll just be a cheerleader this go-round, but look for me next year! :)
  5. Maximum Paul Reply
    4 min of push-ups @ 9, 4:30 @ 10 am session. 65# sandbag, 5:25. I then ran with someone who I hate even more than Doug hates double-unders. I love the New Balance Minimus!

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