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Kettlebell Krunch

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WOD for Thursday 030410 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
50-40-30-20-10 Rep Rounds For Time:   
Kettlebell Swings (52/35)
Anchored Situps

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Kettlebell Swings for the WOD are American Swings.  Use a load that you can safely manage through the full ROM.  Situps can be done on an Abmat with feet anchored under dumbbells.  If you choose to do GHD situps, make sure you give full consideration to the overall volume, 150 reps.  These are potent!  

If the CrossFit Games Sectionals were available to watch online this weekend, would you watch the events?  Post answer to comments.

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Womens Self Defense Seminar — Saturday, April 24th

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  1. Ashley D Reply
    hey morning crew... does anyone have a decent sized cooler that i can borrow for this weekend? i'd like to take one with me to keep my food and ice packs cold during the competition. if you do, i'll be teaching the 8:30 and 11:30 classes tomorrow, so if you could bring it w/you to class that would be super. thanks! :)
  2. Phil B Reply
    I'd definitely watch sectionals online.
  3. Ashley D Reply
    are you able to view them online?
  4. Ashley D Reply
    ohhh... just now realized you said "i'd"...
  5. Doug Reply
    Sorry Ashley, i did have a nice cooler (smells like stale beer.... it happens) sitting by my back door at home, just didn't read this until now. I like my Wod's to be a surprise when I come into class so i can bitch about them. The video: Wow. First off, "From Russia with Tough Love". Awesome, but kinda contradictory. Dragon Door productions makes me think of the Orient, and Kung Fu movies. Next, they say it is "great for Americans", or some such nonsense, but they are from Little Canada?! I don't have sound on my computer at work so I only got to see the visuals of it, but the videos look like they would rate high on the unintentional comedy scale.... Wod Today, great stuff. Got through the first round of KB swings unbroken, but i think that cost me as I had to break up the 40 rep into 15, 15 and 10, and then the 30 rep into 15, 10, 5. 13:40 was my time, and I think it would have been better to break up the 50 and 40, and then try and get the 30, 20 and 10 rounds unbroken.
  6. Rachel Reply
    NC/SC sectional WODs: Good luck Ashley & Allison - who else is going?
  7. Erin Reply
    Yeah, I'd totally watch sectionals if I could. I also like to watch track meets and cockfights. This seems like the best of both worlds. Ashley, if you still need a cooler, there is one sitting in front of our fireplace. You know, to decorate. I work from home, so if you holler I can pretty much bring it wherever.
  8. Patrick C. Reply
    I would watch the sectionals online. I would be glued to the computer. Good luck Ashley and Allison. Kick some butt!
  9. Ashley D Reply
    erin and doug - lindsay brought me a cooler this morning. thank you for offering. i appreciate it!
  10. Ashley D Reply
    and thank you for the good luck wishes! :)
  11. Bill Reply
    Quick shout out to Sarah m's killing of this workout. Also good luck to the sectional folks!!
  12. Melinda Reply
    Another discovery...turns out not only do I sandbag, but I do extra when I think no one will believe my time is correct. Thats just plain crazy. Enough of that. I didn't do that tonight. Kettlebells and situps are something I can actually do pretty well. 12:50ish RX My March goal is diet related. I am doing Whole30. Today is Day 4. I still need to consistently conquer the handstand. I think my shoulder is about ready again. I wish I could watch sectionals. I am so pumped for Allison and Ashley. I know you are going to do great work and represent! Good luck!
  13. cke Reply
    Fun wod’s tonight! Speaking of fun…food, and competition. Empty Bowls is tomorrow night at Durham Armory 5:30-8:00pm. A hop, skip and a jump from the gym! Which soup will reign supreme? More info here: Ticket here:;jsessionid=A14D2112587ED8B344794BA9687C42C3?action=selectPerformance&cobrand=umdurham&performance_id=1190138 Profits to worthy cause, its lots-o-fun, so come on out if you can! Courtney E Best to Durham CF folks competing this weekend!

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