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Killer Kombo

WOD for Warriors workout will be held in every class TOMORROW!

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WOD for Thursday 111011Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Muscle Ups
Take 20 minutes to practice MU’s
For Time:
100 Thrusters (95/65)
Perform 3 Burpees on the minute until all Thrusters are complete

Post Workout Time to Comments
For the skill segment, practice Muscle Ups, MU transitions, or pullups and ring dips.

For the conditioning workout, begin with 3 Burpees and then perform 3 Burpees at the top of each minute until you’ve complete a total of 100 Barbell Thrusters.  There is a 15 minute time cap on this workout — scale accordingly.  Today’s workout comes courtesy of Coach Ashley Denton!

Painting – done!  Wall demo – done!  Wall framing – done! New Pullup Rig – done!  Still need to organize the space, hang new posters and banners, install artificial turf surface in new space (cool!), put up whiteboards and PR boards, install new stereo system.  Thanks for your patience as we get everything done over the next couple of week

  1. Ashley D Reply
    Yay timecaps! :)
  2. Spencer D Reply
    I think the only redeeming feature of this workout is the fact that you scaled it down for us...
  3. Ashley D Reply
    How is it scaled down, Spencer? The time cap?
  4. Spencer D Reply Thats the original.
  5. Ashley Denton Reply
    I didn't see it. That looked like it just brought me to the CF Football site. However, I'm sure it was right in front of my face. Im just old and blind. I'm guessing it was 135/95 instead of 95/65? I did this one a few years ago at another box when I first started CrossFit. It's always been a favorite of mine. I really like grunt work type of things.
  6. Paul K Reply
    OW! No, wait, that bears repeating....."OW!!!" METCON -- 67 reps at 75lbs. Didn't find a rhythm/pace that I could sustain. Thanks Coach ATD. I'm going to be limping up and down stairs for days now. ;-) Great WOD.
  7. Paul Reply
    Dizziness and DOMS ensues. I was staring at the bar on the last round with 12 to go asking myself "can I do this?" The answer was no. 94 rx.
  8. Cliffnov Reply
    The one Spencer is referencing is Kalsu. 100 thrusters at 135/95 lbs, with *five* burpees every minute. I suspect those extra two burpees are killer as well.
  9. Doug Reply
    I was dreading this workout after watching 6:15 and 7:15 classes try and plow through it. My two cents, have a game plan and stick to it. I finished with about 20 seconds to spare, 100 at 95#'s in 14:39. This was the suck. I did get about 15 MU's messing around which was nice as the last time we attempted MU's I couldn't get any. Rest is nice.
  10. Paul Franklin Joseph Potorti, Esquire Reply
    Uhm, I enjoyed this WOD much, much more than I thought I would -- and certainly enjoyed coaching the 6:15ers and joining the 7:15ers. 75#, 12:25. The 6:15 class had some of the sh!ttiest burpees I've ever seen. I made sure to tell them so. Welcome back, Will! Your burpees were the sh!ttiest.
  11. Ashley D Reply
    So, remember that whole "RX" thing is just a suggestion. right? Today is not the day to try and be a hero. Do what you know you can do to get as much work done as possible in 15 minutes. Also, breathe and RELAX. Thrusters suck, but that is not news to anyone. Be okay with that and stay calm. The worst thing to do is get all tense and stressed out. You waste so much energy when you behave that way. Your life is not on the line when you do thrusters. I promise. However, if you did this WOD and actually felt like like your life *was* on the line, then I'm fairly certain you did not scale as you should have. Key for the day is to scale appropriately. That doesn't mean you have to scale down, just scale according to your own strength, and not what you want your strength to be in a year from now.
  12. Ashley D Reply
    And coaches, just a friendly reminder b/c I know you already know this... Pay attention to your athletes. Just because someone "really wants to go RX" doesn't mean they should. Some folks should be in a land far, far away from RX. Take weight off the bar if you see things looking ugly. You might get the stink eye, or even a little bit of trash talk, but you'll survive as well. And later, your athletes will probably thank you. Even if they don't thank you, I guarantee they will not wind up feeling cheated.
  13. Nick F Reply
    Getting mentally ready....goal 10 minutes.
  14. Nick F Reply
    Apparently I am not Magneto able to move metal with mind power. 74 reps at 65#
  15. Ashley D Reply
    Great work today to the 5:30 class! I think nearly every single person finished the metcon with time to spare. :) We also had a couple of folks go RX! Woot! Spencer got his first MU today... and then he followed it up with 3 more! Matt added a few more to his collection as well. Today was his first time working on them since he got his first one a few weeks ago. Yay, Spencer and Matt! :) Nice work, guys! As always, it was fun coaching in the evening!
  16. Ashley D Reply
    I'm sorry, 5:00 class. I'm used to the morning classes starting on the :30.
  17. Spencer D Reply
    As Ashley said first muscle-up today! Been working at those for awhile now. 13:19 Rx on the WOD. Gave myself about 7-8 seconds of rest after the burpees before moving on to the thrusters each round and had about 20 seconds of rest at the end of the thrusters. Did sets of 8 then 7 then 6. Should have pushed to finish the last 12 in one round but happy to get it done.

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