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Light Sparring

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WOD for Wednesday 090916Today’s Schedule — Click Here
As a two person team, complete 1 minute each of:
Wall Ball (20/12)
 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65)
Box Jumps
Push Press (95/65)
Row for Calories

One team member works while the other counts reps.  Rotate every minute until one full round is completed. 

Post Loads and Number of Reps Completed to Comments
Loads should be scaled to allow you to finish each minute of work without stopping.  
In response to recent feedback, effective Monday, September 14th we will add the following evening and weekend WOD classes, Endurance WODs and Open Gym times to our daily schedule: 

  • Monday – Endurance WOD – 6pm (NEW TIME)
  • Monday – WOD – 7pm (NEW CLASS)
  • Tuesday – WOD – 7pm
  • Wednesday – WOD – 7pm (NEW CLASS)
  • Thursday – Endurance WOD – 6pm (NEW CLASS)
  • Thursday – WOD – 7pm
  • Friday – Drills & Skills Time – 7pm-8pm (NEW)
  • Saturday – Drills & Skills Time – 11am-12pm (NEW)
  • Sunday – Open Gym – 10am-11am (NEW)

For a description of “Drills and Skills Time” and “Open Gym” visit the Class Schedule tab

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  1. Melinda Reply
    Today is my cfit day off. Today I am trying Yoga for athletes. Yes, athletes. I am now an athlete. That is awesome. Sarah D. - thanks for pushing me to do my first pull up on a SINGLE TAN BAND! I managed 2 with my chin to bar. But that is pretty cool - of course I didn't realize that until after I went home and thought about it. I am looking for a partner for the endurance WODs. I need to do the rowing version due to a hip injury. So I am looking for someone to do the rowing version with me so I'm not hanging out in the rowing section all by myself. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. Allison B Reply
    Sarah D- way to KILLLL it this morning. Your ridiculously badass performance kept me going. I did this with 65# for the lifts. My goal was to get 100 reps, and with Sarah's help, I got 101! Wooohooo!
  3. Sara C Reply
    thanks for the bday wishes everyone :-D this workout looks like fun..see how it goes later :-) taking coaching tips from me sarah D?
  4. Sarah D Reply
    Coaching tips? Hell, I'll be taking WOD tips from you Sara C after watching you smash that workout yesterday! 4:11? That is outrageous. Allison, you deserve that 101 from today. I don't think you had an ounce left in you after the row. Nice work! Melinda, hell yes you're an athlete! And now you are an athlete who can use a single tan band for kips... that is very cool indeed.
  5. Sara C Reply
    ran into this quote and it was too good not to share, sorry if you've heard it before :-) "Limitations, like fear, are often just illusions."
  6. Shane F Reply
    Nice to be back in the CF Gym this morning. Up to 3x 115# on the snatches. 126 reps on the WOD w/ 95# SDLHP & PPs.
  7. Greg Reply
    Sara, Yes, I just heard that yesterday. Michael Jordan I believe...great quote. Certainly worked well for him. I was going to throw that quote out there but you beat me to it.
  8. Naomi Reply
    Melinda, I'd be interested if you don't have someone yet. Let me know.
  9. Bill Reply
    144 rx. 95 lb is much worse than the 75 in fgb. Ouch.

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