LLLLLet's Get Ready To RUMBLE!!! -- WOD for 090716 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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LLLLLet's Get Ready To RUMBLE!!!


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Thursday 090716
“Fight Gone Bad”

3 Rounds

Post Score (number of reps completed) to Comments

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Aftermath of the last time we did FGB

The origins of “Fight Gone Bad”

  1. Basil Reply
    Had I only came in on Wednesday, this would be my rest day...
  2. Murphie Reply
    I'm sooo jealous you're doing Fight Gone Bad today. Have fun and kick ass!!
  3. Shane F Reply
    My score was 270 I think. Good dynamic warmups Greg.
  4. lindsay Reply
    This week sucks, thanks. I love/hate this wod...today I did better than the day after my honeymoon, but not my best ever. Kudos to Becky T who scaled up and was still a rock star.
  5. becky Reply
    My hips are smoked but that was so much fun!! (in a sick, disgusting way). Next time we need assigned yellers/counters and Murphie needs to be here because it's just not FGB if she isn't telling me I can pick up something heavy and throw it at a wall. Pretty pumped with my score increase but not as pleased that I continue to catch wall balls with my face. One step at a time...
  6. Basil Reply
    Great job 8:30 class. I had about a 50 rep increase from April's FGB but still under 300. Also, I have never heard the backstory to FGB, nice video.
  7. Bill Reply
    312 rx thanks for the encouragement Sarah!
  8. Melinda Reply
    My first FGB. I had 238. I think all of the yelling and excitement that happens with this one should happen on all of the WODs. I thought I was going to pass out and then I couldn't remember what day it was. Good times.
  9. Allison B Reply
    230 Rx. Thanks to Mandy, Sarah, and Ali for dragging me through! And huge should out to Shahid for kicking butt on FGB on his 2nd WOD ever!!
  10. Naomi Reply
    247 @35#. 40 better than I did back in April with same weight. Shout out to all the 5PM and 6PM folks. This WOD is a bitch, but it's more fun with friends. And, Anthony. Holy crap. Something like 352 at men's Rx. You people are all amazing. Like I was sayin' to the girls today: This is the best gym ever!
  11. Christie Reply
    My first FGB...227 but was hoping to break 230. Loved the excitement and encouragement from everyone! thanks!

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