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Long Haul

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WOD for Wednesday 041311Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Muscle Ups
Warmup:  Perform 5 reps @40% and 50%, 3 reps @60% “working 1RM”
Work Sets:  Perform 3 reps @70%, 80%, max reps @90%

For Time:
Run 1600 meters
Rest 3 minutes
Run 1200 meters
Rest 2 minutes
Run 800 meters
Rest 1 minute
Run 400 meters

Post Metcon Time to Comments
For the skill segment, take 20 minutes to work on your Muscle Ups, a featured movement in this week’s CF Open WOD #4.

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  1. Elizabeth C Reply
    Oh wow. This WOD looks awesome. I may have to test out the toe a day earlier than planned.
  2. Erin Mc Reply
    Can't wait for this WOD. Who's gonna push me at 5 today???
  3. Monster Mats Reply
    14:48 (rest time not included), which works out to an average mile pace of 5:55. I was a little slower on my 1600m run without Doug to pace me like he usually does.
  4. Phil Bost Reply
    Nice work Mats. Speedy!
  5. Kristen Reply
    It's on, Erin. I will be there at 5pm and am sure to leave you in the dust ;)
  6. Jonathan "sktRdie" Johnson Reply
    I think I'll sub skating for running tonight.
  7. Jonathan Johnson Reply
    FYI to all those who run the Tobacco Trail. One of my neighbors was mugged on it last night. 9:15pm near Pearson Dr and Fayetteville. The surprising thing is that he's 6'3", 270. I'm going to continue running the trail but I may stay on the upper half if I'm running after dark.
  8. Doug Reply
    Why would anyone mug a runner? Sure, take my stinky shoes and sweaty shirt. Seems like a desperate thief to me.
  9. Cliff Dyer Reply
    Not a fan of the running, but I'm pretty happy with the time I made. 17:something something. (27, maybe?) As I was walking out for the last 400, Mats told me to run fast. Bastard. I ran that 400 in 1:24, which was only 5 seconds slower than when we did the 400 after rowing 500. Didn't get any muscle-ups. :D
  10. Paul Reply
    I started the day with Open WOD #4. It took a second to get used to the burpees but they flowed well after the first 20 or so. The higher jump, however, made the overhead squats so much harder because of the tax on the hips. I got done with those two with about two and a half minutes to go and wasn't able to complete a muscle-up. I don't really have any helpful advice to anyone doing this WOD except to just go as hard as possible through the burpees and OHS, then save up your energy for one or two good MU attempts. I made the mistake of failing a few times on attempts which took a lot out of me.
  11. Mike K Reply
    did WOD 4 as well. The overhead squats killed me. Got to muscke ups with 1 min left and knocked out 2..failed twice on 2 as well. It. Sucked.
  12. Doug Reply
    @Paul/Mike How different/difficult was the stupid hand turnout you have to do with a false grip? I was going to play around with a few MU's after tomorrow's wod (when I was tired) to see how that felt
  13. Paul Reply
    Doug- it threw me off a little bit but the reason I couldn't do any MUs wasn't because of that. I was just smoked from the OHSs. Mike is probably a better person to answer that.
  14. Mike K Reply
    I didn't use a false grip. The turn out didn't really seem to bother me.
  15. Monster Mats Reply
    Doug, I was doing false grip muscle ups today with the hand turnout thing and it was a little awkward. I would definitely recommend practicing it before Saturday with someone watching to make sure you're getting your hands turned all the way out.

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