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Luke, I Am Your Father

Did you pick up your hoodie yet?


WOD for Monday 110711Click Here For Today’s Schedule
15-9-6-6-9-15 For Time:
Deadlift (1x bodyweight)
Burpee Pullups

Post Rounds Completed to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 5 sets of 2 Deadlifts.  Lower the bar back to the floor under control for all reps.

For the conditioning workout, use 1x Bodyweight for the Deadlift (scale to 40% 1RM).  For Burpee Pullups, perform a burpee, jump and hang at full elbow/shoulder extension from the bar and then perform a pullup.  Today’s workout comes courtesy of Coach Paul!

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm with Coach Paul!
Mobility – focus on shoulders
Row 500m 6 to 8 intervals; rest between intervals the same amount of time it takes to row distance

Painting is finished!  Demo on the wall up by the garage door should take place today, which will make room for our new “check in” area.  Framing for the wall cut out should be completed today.  The new Pullup Rig is assembled and secured (see below)  Thanks for your patience as we get everything done over the next couple of weeks!

Our new Pullup Rig is in!  Please read:
– We will NOT be using tape on this structure. The bars are 1.25” diameter (normal size). If you need more grip you can use chalk or get a pair of gymnastic grips from Again Faster.

– The low bar on the Dirty South Bar attachments need to be used from the inside of the rig, facing out. If you use the low bar and face into the rig while doing a kipping pullup you’re going to smack your head on the next bar up. Try to avoid this.

– There are 8 squat racks around the perimeter of the rig…in each 4’ section. Do not leave your bar up on the racks once you’ve finished lifting.

– Use the racks around the perimeter facing into the rig, not from the inside facing out.

CrossFit Original, Greg Amundson, performs Burpee Pullups

  1. Ashley Denton Reply
    I think everyone needs to be clear on the burpee pull-up standards. They are not a butpee jumping pull-up. I don't care what CrossFit Games athlete you saw doing that on a YouTube video, but the standards are burpee, jump, hang from bar with full extension of arms, and then do your pull-up. Make sense? I promise burpee jumping pull-ups will not count as a rep in the 8:30 and 11:30 classes. Love ya, mean it!
  2. Ashley D Reply
    Annnnnd if you don't have pull-ups, then talk to your coach about how to modify for this. One option would be a Burpee JUMPING PULL-UP.
  3. Dave and Ashley Thompson Denton, I'm all for clearly stating this should be a burpee DEAD-HANG pull-up. No kipping allowed!
  4. Paul K Reply
    Set a new PR on the deadlift today! 310lbs twice! That exceeds my old 1RM. That was definitely the highlight of the morning as the METCON destroyed me. I had to scale the deadlifts down to 185...WELL off my bodyweight. Did Burpee jumping pull ups, jumping off a 45lb plate. Finished in 18:30. That was a GRUELING METCON. Congrats to the "evil genius" who dreamt that one up. ;-)
  5. Doug Reply
    Heavy barbell work I missed you. Did 3 sets of 345 x 2. I had questionable form on the last rep. I took this to mean dead hang pull ups (they are good for all of you!), finished in 12:26 RX (with all dead hangs). The new Rig is simply awesome, thanks Dave! 6:15 had a giant class and everyone could WOD (verb?) at the same time
  6. Luke, I AM your father Reply
    I second what Doug said: the new pull-up rig is truly awesome! Many PRs today from 6:15ers. 2 reps of 305 for Luke's father. Anyone surprised that the met-con didn't include running? I completed all dead-hang pull-ups. 8:37 Rx. I absolutely love this met-con & suggest that we include as a benchmark WOD. Yes? Dave, thanks for allowing me to design yesterday's & today's WODs!
    • Dave Reply
      The new rig is awesome. Helped break it in with the 8:30 crew. Don't thank me...we have the new rig and all our shiny new digs because of all of you. I'm just steering.
  7. PaulK Reply
    @Luke, I am your father - I'm not going to say I love or enjoy this WOD. It hurt too much for that. ;-) But I did appreciate the challenge a lot. I'd like another crack at it again in a couple of months.
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  9. Mike K Reply
    Worked up to 365x2 on deads Bodyweight of 180... 15-9-6-6-9-15 Deadlift, 225 Burpee w/ deadhang pullups 11:52
  10. Ashley Denton Reply
    Great work to the 8:30 and 11:30 classes today! I'm back to o-lifting, but this time I'm not going to completely throw my conditioning away. I'll be doing about 3 metcons a week, so there will be less posting from me. No one really cares about what I lift, that's just boring talk. :) I'm doing the developmental meet in Charlotte next week. Anyone else joining?
  11. Spencer D Reply
    Evil programming. Absolutely cruel. Worked up to 355x2 on the deadlifts which felt good. Did the metcon Rx (185lbs, bodyweight ~175) in 10:50. Was surprised what a gasser it was although considering who made it, I shouldn't be surprised. Congrats to Wes on finally making it back after a month-long hiatus spent studying Econ. Good to have him back
  12. T-roie Reply
    The pullup rig is amazing! Can't wait to test muscle ups on it! Felt a ton of energy today (with all the new stuff going on and the amount of people in the 615 class)! Worked up to 355 for 2 reps and did metcon at BW 178 with 185 in 10:09 Rx. Great workout...looking forward to the rest of the week cuz it looks like it's the "coach's pick week". I want muscle ups, OH squats and ring dips..
    • Dave Reply
      Nice work to everyone tonight -- especially good to see some of our newest athletes getting after it! Good WOD to break in the new pullup rig, Coach Paul!

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