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Making A Man Out Of You

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5 Rounds For Time: 
12 DB Push Presses
9 Knees To Elbows
6 DB Manmakers
The goal is to finish this WOD in 8-10 minutes.  Loads should be scaled to allow you to finish within this time frame.

Post Loads, Scaling, and Time to Comments  

Fitness/Nutrition “Food For Thought” Article Links
Organic Food No Healthier?
Improvements From A Hunter-Gatherer Type Diet
What I Wish I Knew As A Female Athlete

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  1. Matt H Reply
    did this one on my own, should have dropped weight but I was stubborn... 10.57 35# dumbells manmakers were hard, left wrist has been bothering me finished with 500 m row
  2. Dave Rubin Reply
    Great job to everyone who came out today! I think everyone scaled appropriately and finished very close to within the 8-10 minute timeframe for the WOD
  3. Michael Towne Reply
    that article about organic and local food misses the point. even if organic food is nutritionally similar to conventional... that does not take into account pesticides and other poisons that are present in conventional produce. nor does it take into account the wasted energy and added pollutants of shipping a head of lettuce 2500 miles. these are hidden costs... such as the cost of our tax dollars that goes to agribusiness middlemen who write off fuel costs for a tax break after driving our romaine lettuce across a continetn in a refrigerated truck. nor does it mention that when i buy local beef it is grass finished and has vastly lower amounts of saturated fats (marbleizing is a product of finishing the meat with corn on a feedlot). this beef is finished with grass (which costs us nothing because we have not use for grass), unlike the corn that is used on feedlots which is cheap only because it is subsidized with taxpayer money. buying from the industrial food chain is indeed very expensive; the costs are just not always presented to us at the point of sale. this article is purposely deceiving by drawing broad conclusions from a study that was very limited in scope.

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