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Mark Your Progress

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Wednesday 090701
3 Rounds for Time:
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (52/35)
12 Pullups

Post Loads and Time to Comments.

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Cross Country Helen (hang with this video…it’s a little slow starting)

  1. Sarah D Reply
    I forgot how much I love to CrossFit in the early morning. I think this may become an addiction... again :) PR'd on Helen today by a whopping 14 seconds! I am super excited about that. My arms were about to give out on the last round, but I pushed through to the end. 7:40, Rx
  2. Allison B Reply
    We got Sarah for 2 days in a row! Yesssss! I PR'd today on Helen as well by 2+ mins. Still have a long way to go, but that's a good jump in a month! 12:22, Rx
  3. Bill Reply
    You both are awesome! Well done! Anyone want to do Helen tomorrow? Today's a rest day for me.
  4. Sara B Reply
    I PR's on Helen too! I looked back two months ago it took me 15:09, today was 13:40. That's a minute and a half faster. I did jumping pullups and used 35 lb kettlebell. Thanks Sarah for swinging with me on my last round.
  5. Becky N Reply
    I did Helen Rx for the first time in 14:40. It really killed me but I was happy to finish. I just want to say that I really appreciate the video becsuse it reminds me of CO and I have to say doing pull-ups with ski boots and skis on is pretty burly :)
  6. Allison B Reply
    Great job, Becky!!! Last time was the first time I did Helen Rx, and that's almost exactly what I got. I knocked 2 mins+ off in a month! Keep up the good work!
  7. Shane F Reply
    Did not finish my DLs before starting Helen. First set was 3x 315#. Helen Rxd in 9:02. PR'd (June 1st) by a whopping 2 seconds. Finished up with some 315# and 225# Deadlifts and Handstand practice. See you in the morning!
  8. Basil Reply
    3-3-3 DLs at 315#-365#-315#, form good-bad-good, Helen with 55# KB @ 10:59, PR for 55#DB but about 45 seconds longer than Rx. I took Dave's advice to make up time in the run and it was the ruin of me by round 3. Sarah D I missed your fundraiser but want to get my hands on one of those shirts, I hear you might order more, true? Just need a size Large.
  9. becky Reply
    basil - you destroyed those runs! watching you push it was huge encouragement to keep going. this was my first helen since march and first time rx: 12:04. definitely improved kb swings since last time. next on the "needs work" list=pull ups. doing more than one at a time would be amaaaazing.
  10. Greg Reply
    Great work today Becky N. Not only a new PR for 3 rep dead lifts but also an impressive RX'd Helen. CrossFit Games in 2010?
  11. B. Kiddo Reply
    I went up 20 lbs on my deadlift, bringing me to 165 lbs. I was a little over a minute slower on Helen but I used the 35 lb KB instead of the 25 lb. I also did all of the pull-ups on the red band. Last month I used the blue for 2 rounds then the yellow for the last round. Maybe next month I will be able to do kipping pull-ups. So Sarah, I am going to need you to come back to the night class. :)

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