Max Rep Countdown -- WOD for 090828 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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Max Rep Countdown

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WOD for Friday 090828Today’s Schedule — Click Here
For Max Reps:
1 minute each, then 45 second each, then 30 seconds each, then 15 seconds each of:
KB Swings (52/35)
Weighted Step Ups*
DB Hang Squat Clean (35/22)

This WOD will take exactly 10 minutes to complete.  Keep a running total of all reps completed.
*Select a box to step on that is just above the height of your knee.  Step your full foot on the box and drive up with the top leg — do not push off with the leg on the floor.  Fully extend your knee and hip without resting the trailing leg on the box at the top and lower yourself back down.  Alternate legs as you choose. 

Sweet Dreams
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Pausing For Effect

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What intensity looks likebecky-pullups

  1. Shane F Reply
    I'm back in the saddle today after 2.5 weeks of pain & taking it easy. Big thanks to Stew Peters for fixing my injured back! Ran 5K Pre-WOD. 3x 175# Press. WOD 123 reps. This WOD was a killer on grip. (24" Box was tough) I also regularly check out the CF Journal site.
  2. EricaSC Reply
    For anyone who is paleo, going paleo or doing a paleo challenge, I just created a paleo cookbook to raise funds for FGB4. There are more than 60 recipes, 100 pages, full color and big photos as well as an online database for the nutritional content of each recipe. Check out my site for a sample recipe and advanced ordering!

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