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Mayday, Mayday

Thursday, May 6th!  Only a few spots left!

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WOD for Saturday 050110 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
3 reps @65% 1RM
3 reps @70% 1RM
3 reps @80% 1RM
3 reps @85% 1RM
3 reps @95% 1RM
3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (52/35)
12 Pullups

Post Loads and Time to Comments (compare to March 1st)
All %’s for the strength segment of the workout should be based on your 1RM for the lift and are meant to serve as a guide in your training.  You should generally not be failing on any set except maybe your last one of the day.  If you’re unsure about your technique or ability to perform a given set safely at the posted %, then use common sense and good judgement.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.     

This is a CrossFit Benchmark WOD.  Scale only to ensure proper movement execution.  See how you measure up. 

OPEN GYM today from 11-12pm!  Make up missed WOD’s, Benchmarks, or work on lifts and skills!

Whole9 Nutrition Workshop — Thursday, May 6th

Upcoming FOUNDATIONS Classes
Starting May 11th (Tues/Thurs @7pm)
Starting June 1st (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

Come support the Central Park School For Children and Old North Durham Park (right behind the gym) this afternoon!

  1. Jeff Reply
    Good one - 8:43 RX'd on Helen. Knocked my time down a whole two seconds.
  2. Phil B Reply
    I added a couple of minutes to my time, but my kettlebell weight increased from 35 to 44. Meh. Still a great workout. Huge 3 rep max on the shoulder presses. Could've gone higher. Something is definitely working. (Milk?)
  3. Ashley D Reply
    1) came in at 6:30 and rowed a 2k. I did horrible. Seriously. Not mentioning my time b/c it's just that bad. recommended rest 8 hours 2) came back at 2:30 North Central Regional Qualifier Triplet 3 Rounds Row 500 12 OHS (75#) 50 Burpees 12:23 Felt "okay" about 2nd WOD. Still felt like I didn't perform my best. Off day I guess. I'm happy that tomorrow is a rest day.
  4. Keith Reply
    My time picked up by seconds, well tens of seconds, but kettlebell weight increased from 34 to 55. This months goal? to destroy the art of the pullup. And Ashley, I'm pretty sure coming in at 6:30 gives you enough points that any time you got rowing = awesome.
  5. Ashley D Reply
    jeff, phil, and keith - awesome job on helen! and phil, it's still considered a pr b/c that's the fastest you've ever done helen w/that particular weight. you guys rock! and thanks keith, i appreciate that... :)

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