Med Ball Cleaning -- WOD for 021511 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Med Ball Cleaning

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Durham Indoor Rowing Trials – February 27th!

WOD for Tuesday 021511  – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
 Take 20 minutes to practice your handstands
Handstand Progressions from CF Gymnastics – here
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
5 Handstand Pushups
10 KTE
15 Med Ball Cleans (20/12) 

Post Metcon Rounds to Comments
For the skill segment, take 20 minutes to practice your Handstands, either free standing or against the wall.       

For the Metcon, scale HSPU’s as necessary and make sure your knees and elbows touch on KTE.

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Nutrition Guide Rollout Session – Saturday, February 19
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Med Ball Cleans!

  1. Doug Reply
    Paul suplexing himself this morning while we were doing free-standing hand stands was worth the price of admission. For those who aren't sure what this would look like, imagine someone in a full hand stand and falling towards their back. Instead of tucking your head and rolling, Paul landed flat on his back. Awesome. 8 full rounds, with inverse hand stand push-ups (facing the wall to use my legs) and on the rings for KTE (put your toes through each ring).
  2. Jen Reply
    I started out this morning not feeling 100% after weeks of being sick on and off, and after this morning's WOD, am wiped. My whole body was jello, shaking well after class...Took a great deal of effort just to stand in the shower. I was powering through rounds with full-on handstand push-ups and told myself that 5 in my current condition would be plenty, but then there was too much time left over for me to stop. So I told myself that 6 would be enough. Reached 6 at 18:30 and enjoyed 90 wonderful seconds of rest. My slight wrists after that much time spent on my hands were toast. Was very surprised at how fatiguing those medicine ball cleans were, and especially at how it was such a struggle to make such a simple movement as shrugging my shoulders towards the end. Phew! Glad that's over.
  3. Ashley D Reply
    Modified the WOD today a bit. Did 15 min AMRAP b/c I wanted a more intense WOD. Went really long on Sat, so I felt like I needed to work the shorter pathways today. 15 AMRAP - I replaced the HSPUs for 75# push press. Could feel it in my shoulder, but pain was manageable. Also did T2B instead of K2E - slightly less ROM in shoulders with T2B. 6 rounds and 4 med ball cleans Rested 10 min and finished w/a smoker. 21-15-9 Box jumps (20in) KB swings (35#) Legs were shot on the box jumps from the med ball cleans. 2:50
  4. Paul Reply
    I'm glad people enjoyed my lack of ability to tuck and roll. Grace isn't my middle name. 6 rounds plus 4 HSPU.
  5. Keith R Reply
    it's alright if you're not graceful, you're still one of my top ten pauls...
  6. Cliff D Reply
    8 rounds plus 5 HSPUs HSPUs were on a 24" box. KTEs modified to "Knees in the general vicinity of elbows." The med-ball cleans were the full 20# ball. I also did 30 ring push-ups. Fifteen were during warm-up, in one unbroken set, and then I did sets of 8 and 7 after the MetCon. They're feeling stronger than they did at the beginning of the month.

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