Midnight Train To Georgia -- WOD for 061610 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233

Midnight Train To Georgia

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WOD for Wednesday 061610 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
For Time:
60 KB Swings (52/35)
50 Box Jumps (24/20)
40 Wall Ball (20/12)
30 Pullups
20 GHD Situps
10 Snatch – full or power (115/65)
100 Ft Overhead Walking Lunge (45/25)

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This is Event #1 from the CrossFit Games Georgia Sectionals.  Scale movements to ensure proper execution

Finish this sentence:  “Cheating on a WOD is _____________”.  Post answer to comments.

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  1. Phil B Reply
    Cheating on a WOD is cutting your numbers during a workout or posting more reps than you actually did. It's like plagiarism: taking credit for work that is not your own. Thankfully, I've only seen one instance of this, but somehow it ruined my day.
  2. Bill Reply
    Cheating on a WOD is the shortcut to nowhere. At best you would finish earlier than you should have only to watch others working through what you neglected to do. (that said, I imagine I would not be the only one to on occassion completely forget what rep I'm on...and on that level I think maybe we should add counting to the skills that crossfit pushes you to be good at) *griN*
  3. david c Reply
    Cheating on a WOD is pointless.You are only cheating yourself.If you are not honest about your progress, you will never improve. I'm new to CrossFit. I Leave the ego at the door and just work.If you do that, you find no reason to cheat in the first place. jm2c :)
  4. Bea Reply
    Cheating on a WOD is annoying to everyone around you.
  5. Bill Reply
    Bea rocks. Bea rocks. Bea rocks. Bea rocks. Bea rocks. Bea rocks. Bea rocks. Bea rocks. Bea rocks. Bea rocks. Bea rocks. (take that stupid "this message is too short" message) How are Rich and his wild and crazy abs?
  6. lindsay Reply
    Cheating on a wod is dumb. So while we do have healthy competition which is fun, the only one who truly cares about your time is you, and once you cheat everyone will know you're a cheater and ignore your time anyway. I am still working on my answer for scaling a wod, it is often necessary, though sometimes hard to find the happy balance of enough scaling or the right scaling.
  7. Phillip B Reply
    Lindsay, I agree on the difficulty of scaling effectively. To paraphrase "Big Daddy" Bill LeFew, it's impossible to approach a WOD you've never done before (and this happens often) and know exactly which weights to choose before you start. The best we can do is make an educated guess. I tend to guess high since I have no problems whatsoever about grabbing a lower weight or stripping my bar mid-WOD. In fact, I always try to have a backup plan ready. Sometimes this means setting a 35lb kettlebell up nearby, or making sure a red/blue/green/black band is already tied to the pull-up bar.
  8. Dave Reply
    Lindsay et al...as far as scaling a WOD it's not an exact science. However, more and more we've been programming WODs either with a % of 1RM as the load or with a suggested % in the description section. This is intended to help everyone maximize a WOD's intensity and get the most benefit from it. If you follow the %'s you should be good in most cases. For the other movements in a WOD, especially bodyweight stuff, you should be scaling to minimize rest periods. For example, if it's a 21/15/9 WOD with pullups and pushups and you can only do 3-4 pullups or pushups at a time...do the math. you're going to be there forever, or at least MUCH longer than the WOD was intended to take by design. Grab a band for the pullups so you can string them together. Use a box or the wall for the pushups. Bottom line is to do what it takes to keep the intensity high...intensity is ZERO when you're resting, which means you're not increasing your work capacity or getting more fit.
  9. Dave Reply
    And cheating is just silly. Who are you cheating exactly other than yourself? If you purposely cheat (and scaling mid-WOD would not be considered cheating) you should probably consider why you're doing CrossFit in the first place.
  10. Ant Reply
    Cheating on a WOD is Un-American. If it's the thought that counts, why are there fingers? Whinnie the Pooh
  11. Melinda Reply
    Bea is right, cheating is annoying to everyone around you. In fact, you pretty much lose respect for that person immediately and forever after. There is a certain comraderie that comes with completing a WOD. It sucked hard, but it sucked about equally for everyone else too. I FREQUENTLY lose count during a WOD and feel terrible when this happens b/c I don't want to cheat myself out of whatever I'm supposed to be getting out of the WOD. I feel the same way when I sandbag though. Is sandbagging cheating even if unintentional? I am happy to see the suggested %1RM - this is helpful to adjust for scaling. I agree with Bill, more instruction on how to keep track of your reps / rounds, etc would be most appreciated!
  12. Phillip B Reply
    As I was telling Rich yesterday, a few days ago I saw one of the new guys scaling down to just the bar for overhead squats and even that was a struggle. Stew and Ryan coached him to five squats in a row even though just getting one rep was obviously a struggle. The effort and the heart it took to complete these reps was so intense that even though big-time scaling was taking place, I'm not sure that I've ever been more inspired. Compare the pride I felt here to the one instance of number shaving that I witnessed. Like Melinda said, respect was probably permanantly lost and I'm not sure if I'll ever offer a post-workout fist bump. An act that to me means, "Great effort. I respect you. We are teammates. I'm proud of you."
  13. Becca Y Reply
    Cheating on a WOD is not the same as Scaling a WOD.
  14. Mark Reply
    I don't think I've seen anyone 'cheat' on a WOD although I have enough trouble counting my own reps to bother trying to count someone elses. The discussion on scaling is more itneresting to me. That is a hard thing to manage correctly. If in doubt, I think it is better to go light and focus on speed, but I rarely do that in favor of trying to push heavy weights, which is just more fun. By the way, Dave, that's a great video post. Totally impressive and awesome.
  15. Ashley D Reply
    Phill, I've seen people cheat on WODs before too and it also ruined my day. Granted, the person cheating is only cheating themself, but STILL! It's wrong and unfair to all of the other athletes who are in there working their butts off. Just like Phil said earlier, Don't take credit for something you didn't do. At my former gym there was one particular person who was known for cheating. I started counting his reps outloud and then calling him out when he'd walk off after doing only 6 and pretending like he'd just done 15. The good thing is CrossFit eventually weeds those people out anyway. You can't take shortcuts and do well in life... same goes for CrossFit.
  16. Julia Reply
    Cheating on a WOD is a surface level approach to getting through a WOD and experiencing Crossfit. That kind of attitude will hinder you from experiencing the deep sense of accomplishment that Crossfit has to offer, you'll always stay shallow if you see cheating as an option. I am constantly loosing count and it is by far the most frustrating thing for me when it comes to working out Crossfit style. It's like I need brain exercises or something. I'll get really focused and zone out, then when I come back I think "uh! I was going to count better this time!" Sometimes I'm most successful with counting when I take just a second to think "I have this many more." And I start over with 1 and count up to the new number. But I can't seem to always remember to do that. New goals: -Focus, count better -Receive first fist bump from Phil
  17. Tripp Reply
    Scaling is a moral victory. Cheating is a Pyrrhic victory.
  18. Keith Reply
    Cheating on a WOD is...there is no cheating ON a WOD. You might juke your stats/times, skip a few burpees, or pretend you used that 55lb kettlebell the whole WOD, but ultimately you're only cheating ON yourself. I doubt anyone is looking at times to bask in the glory of others, the times are your own, your records, your progress, skewing the numbers is simply ruining the science and mucking up the charts of your progress. Fitness is a journey, be true to yours.
  19. Keith Reply
    A side note, if anyone sees my workouts and thinks I am cheating, please tap me on the shoulder and let me know...i never cheat on purpose, but as julia said, (and especially on the chippers) it's often hard to keep count. Also, Julia, as a chronic count loser, the following encouragement: it does get easier, and the counting may even be a hidden benefit of crossfit workouts, can you think under pressure? not only that, but i can count out fifty burpees while every fiber of my being is screaming for oxygen...
  20. Julia Reply
    Well that is an encouragement! And I think you're right, I am getting brain exercises by trying to do it well. And I do believe it's a really important thing to get better at, I mean, sometimes when I loose count I go back further than I should have, and I'll say a number in my head and then realize I'd already counted that far. I'd like to adjust my new goals: -Focus, count better -Receive first fist bump from Phil -count out fifty burpees while every fiber of my being is screaming for oxygen
  21. Ashley D Reply
    I really hope you all understand that accidentally miscounting isn't the same as cheating. Missing a couple of reps due to miscounting happens to ALL of us. Anything above 5 rounds and I have no clue. That's when I start looking around yelling out to the people next to me asking them what round they're on. I'd love to say it gets easier, Julia, but after 2 years of CrossFitting I can't say that it does. Ha. :) I've learned to use my journal to keep track of where I am in most WODs.
  22. Matt H Reply
    Cheating is just setting you up for failure outside of crossfit. Especially if your goals are of the physical nature. If you want to cheat than cheat, eventually you'll be tested somewhere, somehow and you wish you didnt. I agree on the counting, it can be hard, especially on AMRAP's, Ive lost track of rounds several times, not remembering where I'm at. I write those down everytime. As for high rep things on my own I use playing cards, you can just kick those out of the way when done...then there is counting outloud, seeing as I usually talk to myself when I'm working out it doesnt make me look any crazier. Todays WOD was one of the most brutal in a long time...scaled up, 75# KB swings, 30' box, weight vest for whole WOD...snatches were the worst since my one rep max was 115, pulled it out eventually. Everyone rocked it today at the 11.30
  23. Ashley D Reply
    "Cheating is just setting you up for failure outside of crossfit. Especially if your goals are of the physical nature. If you want to cheat than cheat, eventually you’ll be tested somewhere, somehow and you wish you didnt." My new favorite quote.
  24. Holly B Reply
    So I am going to admit it. I have cheated in a WOD before. When I first started Crossfit I had not quite "gotten it" and thought (wrongly) that it was more important to post a faster time or larger number - I think that there was part of me that was caught up in the competitive aspect, but it was not long before I realized that I needed to focus on competing against myself. There have been a couple of WODs that we have repeated from when I first started Crossfit, and comparing new times/loads to those I originally documented is eye-opening. This might sound weird, but I am glad that this has been part of my Crossfit journey. While like everyone else I pretty much suck at counting, I will not purposely cut the # of reps (even on burpees - gag!), and now, if I ever do think "just cut out a few reps" when it gets hard, I just tell myself "work harder" and that seems to do the trick.
  25. Mark Reply
    my favorite WODs have been the ones where we pair up and do two rounds. In the first round, one person counts (and motivates) while the other completes the WOD. Then, they reverse roles. It is really nice not needing to count and only focus only on the lifts.
  26. Tom Reply
    That chipper last night was BRUTAL!!! HUGE ups to Ashley and Allison for straight up KILLING IT! Also, Matt you're my new hero in the gym for scaling that work out up that high and that heavy and doing that well, baller bro! As to cheating, you're only cheating yourself and you're only making yourself weakier. People cheat because their mind is weak and a weak mind is always going to get you in the end, it's why you always need to test yourself and push harder and fight tougher each time out. Or there will come a day where you're asked to perform and you'll end up broken battered and beaten on the floor with the person who just crushed you in the game of life standing over you laughing. Karma's a bitch, but a fair one :D.

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