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WOD for Thursday 012810 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
“Filthy Fifty”
50 Reps of each for time:
Box Jumps
Jumping Pullup
KB Swings (52/35)
Walking Lunges
Knees to Elbows
Push Press
Back Extensions
Wall Ball (20/12)

Double Unders

Post Loads and Time to Comments
This is a CrossFit Benchmark WOD.  Loads and movements should be scaled as necessary to allow for proper execution and to maximize power output and intensity.    

What is your favorite restaurant in the Triangle?  Post answer to comments.

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Filthy 50 in Muscle and Fitness Magazine!

  1. Kelli Reply
    Metro 8 of course!!!!
  2. Nemo Reply
    This workout sucks so bad that there is now way I'm missing it tomorrow. :) bring on the pain lol
  3. Anna Reply
    If work calls to say they don't need me tonight, I'll definitely be there. If not, I'll have to make it up another time. I missed this one last time it rolled around.
  4. Chad E Reply
    That weight for the KB swings is too heavy. I believe its supposed to be 35# for men.
  5. Ashley D Reply
    chad, what would the girl's rx be on kb swings? 20# or 25#? oddly, today was the first time i've ever done "filthy 50". it was fun. it felt good to do something long since i've been concentrating so much here lately on short, fast, explosive wods. 24:28 RX
  6. Matt H Reply
    28.??...I did the "sexy 60" as Dave called it but it didn't feel too sexy....55# for swings...actually did all the DU's for once...I love this workout
  7. Phillip B Reply
    Those dudes in the video didn't have a very impressive warm-up...
  8. Dave Reply
    Nice work to everyone at 8:30 and 11:30....some serious determination out there great to see some of you battle through double unders and get that RX
  9. Sara C Reply
    Looking forward to the 6pm class... as far as favorite restaurant, I like BoJangles/Dain's/Vin Rouge/My own cooking, depending on the day :-).
  10. Dave P Reply
    Thanks to everyone who was cheering me on in the 11:30 class. Took me forever....about 48 mins. As for favorite restaurant, I love breakfast food so my favorite is Brig's followed closely by Rick's Diner.
  11. Charlie Reply
    Am I allowed to vote for Jujube or Dos Perros? Bummed I missed today. May have to make it up on Sunday. However, I had an idea I wanted to run past anyone who was down for it on Sunday. "PR Sunday". Pick something, anything that you think you're do for a PR in. Come to open gym and knock it out. Assuming I don't do the Filthy, I'm going to try for a 200 lb clean and break 6:58 in the 2K row.
  12. Dave Reply
    Charlie...I'd hope you vote for your places! :) great idea for Sunday....who's in?
  13. Phillip B Reply
    I'm down for PR Sunday. Got a long list of lifts that I've really never done before so I'd like to establish some baseline levels. Really great idea.
  14. Mark Reply
    Wow, I almost lost my lunch a few times during that WOD. That was really filthy. 38 minutes Rx. We have so many awesome restaurants in the area (thanks to folks like Charlie) it would be hard to pick one, so I'm going with the easy answer: Raleigh: Fins, Second Empire Cary: Ahn, Herons Durham: Magnolia Grill, Watts Grocery, Guglhupf, Blu, (etc., etc., etc.) Chapel Hill: Elaine's
  15. Ashley D Reply
    one of my most favorite places to eat is lynnwood grille in raleigh. most of you probably don't know about it since you're in durham, but i love it. it's a chill, laid back bar w/awesome food. their cheeseburger is to die for.
  16. Phillip B Reply
    Big thanks to Sarah D and Murphy for helping me get through this one. Physically tough, but mentally tougher. 29.??, scaled whenever possible. There's no shortage of amazing restaurants around but I'm loving Chubby's tacos lately. And yes, Lynnwood grill is awesome.

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