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Muscling Up

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WOD for Tuesday 110210 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
3 Muscle Ups
6 Power Snatch (95/65)

Post Snatch Loads and Metcon Rounds to Comments
For the strength segment, you will do 15 Snatches.  Progressively add weight up to a comfortable “working” weight.  You should not really miss anymore than 3-4 attempts.  Use good sense and judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  Snatch should be received in a full overhead squat position.    

For the Metcon, sub 4 pullups and 4 ring dips for EACH muscle up (ie, 12 of each per round).  Scale Power Snatch load as necessary to insure proper execution.   

For those who regularly participate in the Endurance WODs…the time change hits next week.  It will surely be dark starting at 5pm.  What would you like to see happen with the Endurance WOD?  Post answer to comments

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3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Pyrros Dimas, backstage Snatch prep

  1. Mike K. Reply
    SWEEEEEET! I'm excited about this one.
  2. Erin Mc Reply
    Re: Survey question Although my attendance at the Endurance WODs of the past month could hardly be called regular, I fully intend on participating once my late-season injuries quiet down. I am not opposed to hitting the rower all winter, but with a little creativity, I don't think we have to confine ourselves to that option. Speaking personally, I would commit to once a week if a morning (6am) endurance WOD were offered. And though the weekend idea sounds feasible at first, I wonder if it is worth the logistical headache - it feels nice to say I would come out, but weekend plans change, and most endurance athletes reserve Saturday and Sunday for long-slow-distance work (haters gon' hate). I had planned to bring my bike trainer to spin some of the Endurance WODs during the colder months and would encourage other cyclists to do the same. On the running front, I had hoped that the Durham School of the Arts would light their track up at night, but it just ain't so. I suppose there are a few places we could run with headlamps, but for a person as clumsy as me, the risk of breaking an ankle on these fine Durham sidewalks far outweighs any potential increase in fitness. Due to my busted-up state, I haven't had a chance to join the group that has been weekending at Wallace Wade, but I think meet-ups of this nature are a positive development. That being the case, I would be willing to lead interested folks on an unofficial death-cruise any ol' time. Those of you with Y memberships are welcome to join me in the pool (or on a treadmill, provided the angle is perpendicular) to get bossed around some nasty interval sets. Just say the word. Let's please not hibernate.
  3. Doug Reply
    RE Survey: I had intended on making at least one endurance WOD a week, but 6PM has always been tough for me with my work schedule. A Monday/Thursday morning (7AM, 8AM or whatever) endurance WOD sounds great to me and I would be very inclined to make that happen at least once a week and use that morning as my "active rest" day. Today: Uggghh.... my MU's need so much work. I started with attempts on the bar and they became very high chest to bar pull-ups so I moved over to the rings. I felt decent on the rings but just can't seem to get the muscle ups to really come together. Subbed 4 genuine all out attempts for 3 MU's, and made it through 4 rounds. On a good note, I did work up to my old Max on the Snatch and did my last 3 reps at 135. All of the volume of snatches over the last few weeks is really starting to pay off and I am getting much more comfortable with the movement
  4. Erin Mc Reply
    If you can count the endurance WODs as "active rest," you're doing them wrong.
  5. Doug Reply
    @Erin I actually don't agree with your statement. Since we don't do a lot of running at the gym, and we have been in a heavy OLY lifting cycle, I see running once a week as a break from heavy lifting and our typical met-cons. I absolutely go all out on these when I have made it to the classes, but I don't get the same muscle soreness from doing 10 x 1 Minute all out row intervals as I do from our typical met con. My body doesn't feel broken down in the same way, hence I consider it active rest.
  6. P-O-T-O-R-T-I Reply
    Since I still can't kip (I blame Stew), completed jumping muscle ups. 80 lb for power snatches. Did mus, KTE, and snatches in that order for all rounds. Did ensure that arms locked for mus and snatches and that knees touched elbows. 7 rounds + mus, KTE, and 3 snatches. Max told me I need to lose 20 lbs if I ever want to master mus.
    • Dave Reply
      I may argue (and so would Stew I'm sure) that GAINING 20lbs will get you there faster :)
  7. Erin Mc Reply
    You're welcome to a difference of opinion, Doug. I have a good deal to say on the subject, but I'll spare you most of it since I'm at work. (I will say that your body doesn't feel broken down in the same way because it absolutely isn't being broken down in same way, and wonder out loud if the absence of soreness is really the best indicator that I am rested.) It was not my intention to call the integrity of your workout into question, but the approach of many folks to these WODs, perhaps including yourself, which I hold to be misguided.
  8. Gwen Reply
    Re: Endurance WODs... As someone who's been very much a regular endurance-er over the past year, I'd like to chime in. To be honest, I'm not sure why darkness is the issue here. We've done plenty of WODs of various sorts over the past year+ that I've been attending the endurance class, regardless of the weather. Last winter, those included rowing inside, rowing outside, and sprinting outside (we seemed to find places that were well-lit enough to make it happen, with the shiny belts). We didn't change anything over the summer when it was sweltering at 6pm, so I don't think we should change it now. It probably doesn't come as a surprise that I love the rowing side of our endurance WODs, and rowing does make sense when it's cold and dark out. But we can still arrange for some creativity there. Maybe we row Mondays and do something totally off the wall on Thursdays--sprinting or something completely different. As for the timing, I can only do evenings during the week. Whether that's at 5pm, 6pm, or 7pm doesn't matter as much to me. But I'd ask that we keep it in the after-work hours. I think it also makes sense to have it in the evenings because a lot of us try to do the 6pm endurance along with the regular WOD at either 5pm or 7pm. Though I haven't succeeded in that as much lately, a lot of people clearly enjoy having that option. And as for weekends, I agree with Erin that it would likely be a logistical headache. If I want to do endurance on a weekend, I'll do it during the open gym hour. To boot, with the rowing cert coming up in January, it would be sad sad sad if the endurance WOD got cut.
  9. Doug Reply
    I certainly don't think you were calling out my integrity, I only mentioned my effort to say that I didn't do these WOD's as "going through the motions". My idea of active rest is to do some form of exercise that won't get in the way of my main workouts, and in this case it is the specific running/rowing once a week to add a little cardio/endurance into my workouts. I guess I don't see the endurance WOD's as getting in the way or effecting my normal workouts in the gym which are structured as heavy lifting followed by a metcon. Everyone's body will handle working out differently, but in the several instances of doing the endurance WOD's it was supplemental to our normal workouts and not in place of the standard WOD's. Keep in mind that my goal isn't to go and run a sub 16 Minute 5k or an all out Mile.
  10. Gwen Reply
    p.s. If enough morning-only people want endurance, could we simply add an endurance WOD one morning per week, without changing the Monday/Thursday evenings? Seems like that might be what we should be considering, rather than cutting something out.
  11. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    I love/need the endurance WODs. Collectively, we're tougher than nails and can handle the cold and dark. As for content, I think there's room to improve quality. As for frequency, I think there's room to increase quantity. Regarding content: -I'd be willing to trade freedom of choice (rower or running or bike, etc) if it would mean a less fractured group. It's better to run/row with everyone else. You get a feeling that you're all in it together and you suffer in the exact same way. -When running, the best endurance WODs have a built-in reboot/interval system where all the runners start together at each interval. This is good. It establishes a heirarchy (which greatly motivates) and again, allows the group to stick together. Regarding frequency: I don't want to blow anyone's mind here, but what if we had an endurance WOD (or two) every day? Some gyms do this and a significant part of their clientele comes only for these workouts. You know the phrase. If you build it, they* will come. *baseball ghosts.
  12. P-O-T-O-R-T-I Reply
    Dear Phil, I look forward to attending any endurance WOD that involves running, a hierarchy, and you. I'll even wear a weight vest. Love, Paul
  13. Erin Mc Reply
    I'm sorry to open my mouth again, but I just can't help but think that if I announced to everyone that I was taking an active rest day from swim/bike/running, and that the active rest in question was some kind of strength workout (with the exception of skill work), the natural reaction would be, "if you can count backsquats (etc.) as active rest, you're not lifting heavy enough." And that reaction would be perfectly justified. I understand that we all have different goals and different ideas about fitness, but the prevailing attitude of "endurance WOD as secondary/supplemental" can be a little insulting to those of us with endurance backgrounds, since it implies the inferiority of endurance work to strength and the "regular" WODs. If we were talking about jogging a few miles, I would have to concede the point, but we're not. We're talking about what should be intense, anaerobic efforts. They won't always leave you flat-out on the floor, but neither will our "regular" programming. And neither is superior to the other - they work differently and towards vaguely different ends.
  14. Ashley Reply
    I've been wanting to say what Gwen posted, but I haven't I'm not able to attend any of the endurance WODs. Why would the darkness keep you guys from doing what you were already doing last winter? I don't think light (or lack there of) should be an issue. This makes no sense to me as to why this is a problem. As for weather, well, wear layers. This after all, is CrossFit. Things aren't supposed to be comfortable. I also agree with Phil on not giving an option for the Endurance WOD. And the reason why I say that is b/c from what I've been told, most (not all) of the Endurance people only want to row and no one wants to run. Running is just as important (if not more) than running. You can row all freaking day and still not be able to run. And also like Gwen said, Greg bought reflector thingymabobs last year for running in the dark. Doug and Erin, I see both of your points, but I also know that CrossFit (including the Endurance WODs) are different for each individual. You can have an active rest days of running. And you can have an active rest days of lifting light. However, approaching each day as an active rest day won't bring much growth. Which is why I posted my post last night. I feel like a lot of the ladies approach lifting too cautiously. I know technique is important, but most of you have that down. It's time to step it up a notch. If you're lifting something 15x1 and it's easy and beautiful, then you're too freaking light. Go heavier, BUT light enough to still make corrections on the next lift. I'm tired of seeing people snatch w/only a 15# bar when they've been here for 8 months. Sorry... I was nicer yesterday, but I don't think nice always gets the point across.
  15. Ashley Reply
    And that was supposed to be running is just as important (if not more) than rowing. I'm always in a hurry when I post.
  16. jonathan d Reply
    i have no comments for the discussion on endurance wods. i have never done one and don't plan on ever doing one. for people who run more than a few miles at a time...that's why we have cars. as for the the 'real' wod, 5 rounds + 1 MU. Rx.
  17. Lindsey Reply
    I'll come to any endurance WOD that has baseball ghosts.
  18. Lori F Reply
    On a separate note, special thanks to my buddy Paul, who phoned Stew, who gave us the number for Jack, who answered his phone, and then came back to the gym, to let me back in this morning. I appreciate the assist, guys, and won't make that mistake again! :-O
  19. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    Paul has Stew on speed dial. Good to know.
  20. Matt H Reply
    Today was one of those special "I feel like crap" days...subbed 4 jumping muscle ups for muscle ups. Managed to hump out 6 rounds. Just went through the motions today. As for the endurance wods I have no opinion, I usually follow the workouts on CFE and do those on my own. From my personal experience training in the elements and uncomfortable conditions helps add to the excitement.
  21. Ashley Reply
    Since Andrew moved to China and is no longer able to make 11:30, we included him in the WOD today. We wrote his name up on the board with "in memory of" next to it. He did the WOD in 17 rounds + 1 MU and then scaled up big time to 135#. Way to go Andrew! :)
  22. Matt H Reply
    Andrew crushed it!
  23. Ashley Reply
    And he was crazy focused too! Did you see him throw Katie's weight out of the way just b/c it was slightly in his way when he was doing K2E? He pretty much one arm thrustered it right through the roof!
  24. Phil's Nemesis, Paul Reply
    Phil, Stew is #2 on my speed dial. Erin is #1.
    • Dave Reply
      For clarification purposes, NO ONE is talking about cutting the Endurance WOD. I was simply trying to get feedback from those of you who take it regularly in advance of the time change, so that IF there is an issue with the darkness/cold/etc we could be prepared.
  25. Nemo Reply
    This endurance WOD group sounds more like a sorority to me... All this whining... ;) JUST KIDDING
  26. Gabe Hall Reply
    Interesting a former Division 1 athlete like Doug, I know what he means by using CFE wods as 'Active REst' what may be considered a beast to someone else may be active rest to one person and vice versa....Active rest to a crossfitter may mean " SOMETHING THAT I CAN DO HARD AS POSSIBLE THAT WONT AFFECT SOMETHING ELSE THAT I WANT TO DO" for me crossfit endurance wods are active rest for me...i give 100 percent on the endurance wods at CFD anyone who watches me row or run(recently) knows that..but no matter how hard i run or row during CFE it in no way affects my lifting or the daily wods we do at crossfit durham....when it comes to doug he freaking ran track in college so his body is at an elite level when it comes to running due to better mechanics, genetics, efficientcy etc
  27. Gwen Reply
    Dave, thanks for the words of clarification. :)
  28. Erin Mc Reply
    Dave - We are grateful for you looking forward! I am sure more than one of us is in for a rude awakening when we remember how cold it can get.
  29. Ashley Reply
    I think too many excises are given when it comes to running. It's always too hot, too cold, too wet (the too wet excuse is mine), or too something. I think we can all toughen up in the area of running and being out in the elements. And I was under the impression that you were wanting to get rid of the endurance wods too, Dave, so I'm glad you cleared that up.
  30. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    Dave is getting rid of endurance WODs?!?! (just kidding)
  31. Mats Reply
    Those muscle ups got really hard as this WOD went on. 5 rounds + 3 MUs and 3 snatches, Rx.
  32. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    4 rounds, barely. Subbed by jumping into the muscle ups.
    • Dave Reply
      The point of the survey question was to get information and be as proactive as possible for those of you who regularly participate in the Endurance WOD....the last thing I want is for a class to be on the schedule that no one shows up for....that would just be silly. Thanks for the feedback thus far....keep it coming
  33. Ollie Reply
    Thanks for the wod y'all. Lots of fun and a solid crew at 5pm! Keep lifting strong and gettin swole. Much love.
  34. Andrew Reply
    Andrew no like weight in his way.. Andrew angry... Andrew SMASH!! lol.. thats awesome.. i have rage issues.. im sorry katie.. its something im working on!!
  35. Charlie Reply
    Sort of late to the discussion but here goes. 1) On the subject of a morning endurance WOD. I would be all for it. I almost always work on Monday and Thursday evenings so I think I've made exactly one Endurance WOD and loved it. I was also lying on the floor sobbing at the end of it, FWIW. 2) I, in no way see it as an active recovery day but rather a change of pace that I need. I think I was in better shape when I was combining CrossFit with the residual levels of endurance fitness I brought from cycling than I am right now. I feel stronger but get winded far too easily and I'm certain that I would be 20 seconds off my 2K time from before. Thing is, cycling takes hours at a time and I can't fit it in my schedule much. 3) I've been addressing this by coming to Xfit 3x per week and supplementing with my own off-site programing (The Wallace WODs) but wouldn't mind the more "one-stop shopping" convenience of being able to attend to more of these goals at the box. Mind you, I do plan to continue the Sunday workouts and will be out there this weekend at noon. Quit bitching about the time everyone, it's freaking noon!

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