Nelly's Birthday WOD -- WOD for 012211 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Nelly's Birthday WOD

Fifth Ape Seminar – February 5th! 

Durham Indoor Rowing Trials – February 27th! 
Early Bird registration until Jan. 27th!

WOD for Saturday 012211  – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Push/Split Jerk
Determine New 1RM
Warmup:  Perform 3 reps @ 50%, 60%, 70% 1RM
Work Sets:  Perform 1 Rep @ 80%, 90%, 95%, then 2-3 attempts at a new 1RM
“Quarter Life Crisis”

For Time:
Row 250m

25 Deadlifts (225/155)
Row 250m
25 Wall Ball (20/12)
Row 250m
25 KTE
Row 250m

Post Jerk Load and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, follow the warmup sequence to determine your 1RM Press. Use common sense and good judgement. When in doubt, live to lift again another day. New 1RM’s may only be recorded if the lift is done with full ROM.        

The Metcon is Nelly’s Birthday WOD….yay, 25!   


Upcoming Foundations Courses
Starting January 25th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm) 1 spot left!
Starting February 15th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)
Starting March 8th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

Upcoming Events
Fifth Ape Parkour Seminar – Saturday, February 5
Triad Barbell Open — Sat, February 26th, at CF Downtown Winston
Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Sun, February 27th

Rip on the Split Jerk

  1. Mike K Reply
    I've been waiting all week for this WOD...looks fun!
  2. Nelly Reply
    YAY! This made me grin like an idiot before even having my coffee. Thanks, Dave et al! I will be there with bells on. :D
  3. Gabe Reply
    GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!!..I know its off topic with our normal go hard but its for a go hard cause!! Guys and Gals Im doing to sell girl scout for a awesome cause so some little girls can pay for their camp trip..the cookies are just $3.50 box and the money isnt due untill I bring you the cookies..guys if you could just buy one box you have no idea how much it would help these girls...The deadline is... TOMORROW NIGHT!!! I will leave the signup sheet at CRossfit Durham where we post events!!!! Thanks guys!!!...I know we dont eat cookies its just for a good cause!
  4. Phil "Cookie Monster" Bost Reply
    Gabe, What do you mean we don't eat cookies? Pretty sure I saw Mike Kelley eating a cookie in an alley at 2am last night. I tried to talk some paleo-sense into him, but he cut me with a bottle.
  5. Jed Reply
    I just want to thank Mike leading the mobility wod and the lacrosse ball. The WOD reminded me of the modest mouse song "The Good Times are Killing Me". Also, Gabe do you know what girlscout cookies have the coconut in them.
  6. Mike K Reply
    Jed, I think the samoas are what you're thinking of. And you're welcome for the lacrosse ball love.
  7. Mats Reply
    I worked up to my 1RM of 155 lb on the jerk. While I didn't surpass by 1RM, my reps at the heavier weight felt better than they used to. That's progress, I guess. 10:28, Rx on the metcon. It was a rough one but the deads killed me. Thanks to Mike for causing everyone plenty of suffering with the lacrosse balls.
  8. Mike K Reply
    Gabe, if you see this in time, put me down for a box of thin mints. If not, fate has intervened to prevent me from getting fat(ter)...
  9. KatieP Reply
    Happy Birthday Nelly! :)
  10. Jeff Reply
    Hey Gabe - If you see this, put me down for one box of thin mints and one box of the cookies with lemon icing, whatever they're called.
  11. Mike K Reply
    Jeff - Lemonades are shortbread with a layer of lemon icing. There's also another sandwich cookie that has lemon icing in the middle...not sure of the name. I know too much about girl scout cookies...
  12. Gabe Reply
    I got u guys down!!!! thanks a lot

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