Never Neverland -- WOD for 031110 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Never Neverland

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WOD for Thursday 031110 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
“Annie Are You OK?”
21-15-9 Rep Rounds For Time:  
Row (for calories)
Thrusters (65/45)

Med Ball Cleans (20/12)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (65/45)
Wall Ball (20/12)

Post Loads and Number of Reps Comments
Scale loads as necessary to ensure proper movement execution and to maximize power output and intensity!    

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Robb Wolf on Insulin Resistance!

  1. Renee Reply
    No I'm not flippin' ok- where was my support group this morning? 22:48 with a 10lb wall ball on the 15 and 9 rep rounds.
  2. Doug Reply
    The 8:30 class was huge, we had to split into 2 heats. After taking a week off I was worried about being sluggish but felt great during the WOD. 17:19 RX and almost had a visit from our friend Pukie today... Great work to everyone in the 8:30 class who gutted this beast out!
  3. Nemo Reply
    There is plenty of space on that board for "Friends of Pukie!" :)
  4. Dave Reply
    Great work to everyone this morning! There were definitely some Pukie friends :)
  5. Phil B Reply
    I came close to meeting Pukie today but I'm glad I didn't. I heard that guy's a dick.
  6. Matt H Reply
    It was awesome training with the 6pm crew....everybody destroyed this horrible monster. 15.46 rx'd
  7. Patrick C. Reply
    Great job everyone on this monster! This is why we crossfit to complete works that challenge not only the body but the mind and the spirit. This WOD was definitely a challenge. Great job Matt destroying this are a beast! 16:37 RX
  8. Sara C Reply
    Killer WOD...thanks to Sarah for helping me keep count...15:15 Rx. Endurance WOD was entertaining, awesome job to Nagle for finishing up those last 5 minute pieces.
  9. lindsay hill Reply
    Success story! Last time I did this wod rxd I did it in 3430...I did it in 2733 last time with less rowing and burpees (15/9 /6) today I did it in 2710 so not the fastest but definitely a PR! And Sara Couch you are amazing!
  10. Dave Reply
    We've opened up 1 additional morning and 1 afternoon spot for this Saturday's Beast Skills Seminar.....$80 Email me if you want to attend!
  11. Ashley D Reply
    So, I did one round of the WOD. My leg are still so shot from last weekend. I didn't think recovery would be like this. I rolled on the foam roller after and it really felt like I could feel lactic acid moving around in my muscles. Not sure if that's possible, but that's the only thing I could think of it being. Very odd. Great job to the 6:00 class and to Lindsay for going alone in the 7:00 class. You all killed it!
  12. Phil B Reply
    Ashley, I read that most lactic acid is flushed out in ~1 hour after performance... That information is useless without a citation though, so I'll work on figuring out where I read it and if I trust the source. Also, I'm sure that sectional competition intensity was not what the study was basing their findings on. Probably more like a nice slow jog in the park. In other news, I'm pretty inspired by the board times today, these posts, and the intensity I witnessed first hand. New March goal: Do more work faster, (but seriously this time). My mental muscle is weak.
  13. Matt H Reply
    thanks patrick! I have to say though, sara c is the beast she obliterated this thing. Everybody always brings their A game to train.....have to say, Durham has a bunch of bad-asses...everyday is like going to a race/competition of some sort, gotta love it!
  14. Erin Reply
    I always feel pretty good about myself until I see the times from everyone who went later! You guys are terrifying! I love it!
  15. Phillip B Reply
    Here's a decent source regarding (the lack of) lactic acid build-up in muscles: I know it's not the best source, but the scholarly articles I found were rarely relevant and poor at communicating the basic ideas.

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