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Offensive Line

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WOD for Friday 110510 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Overhead Squat

9-6-3 Reps For Time:
Deadlift (80% 1RM) 
Muscle Ups
50m Sled Push (1x per round) 

Post Overhead Squat Loads and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, progressively add weight on your Overhead Squat until you reach a 1RM.  Use good sense and judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  All squats should be below parallel….don’t be afraid to dump the bar.  Be aware of where you stand today if you’re not lifting!

For the Metcon,  sub 4 pullups AND 4 ring dips for each muscle up.  Do just 1 50m sled push each round….you do not need to turn the sled around at the 25m point…just push it from the other side.   

If we offered a 7:15am WOD, would you attend it regularly, ie 2-3 times per week?  Post answer to comments

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Easy “how-to” move the push sled…Watch this!

  1. Murphie Reply
    YES! I love O-line!
  2. Mike K. Reply
    How much weight on the sled? I'm trying to do this at the globo and the closest thing we have is an 80lb ruck sack that can be pushed in a similar manner.
  3. Lisa Reply
    How much do those sleds weigh? I just realized I wrote my weight down wrong. I did 25 plus the sled. This was really tough! It's not a good sign when the 6:15 class gets out at 7:40!
  4. Ashley Reply
    Lisa, I think the sleds are 60#.
  5. Meaghan Reply
    That whole workout went from awesome to awful wicked fast! Loved the OH squats (OHS 4-eva! Haha). The WOD - wow...that was the first one I've done sled pushes. I highly recommend balancing the weight on the sled rather than having just one 45# plate on a post. I swore it got heavier each time! The 6:15 class subbed dbl the reps of pullups and ring dips (18-12-6) for MU. DL 155# time 18:00
  6. Carlos Reply
    That was brutal. Going from no deadlifts for weeks to doing 80% 1RM 18 times is quite the experience. The 6:15 class wrote the weight added to the sled on the board (not the total weight of sled + weights). Jack also made an audible and had us sub 2 pullups and dips per muscle-up. He didn't want to make the WoD 40+ minutes.
  7. Carlos Reply
    ^^Oops, Meaghan beat me to it. DL 325#, 95# on sled. 19:50
  8. Lori F Reply
    I'm also a fan of OHS - PR'ed by 10 lbs today and hit 105 - yay! The WOD is a different story. Went heavy-ish on the DLs, subbed for MUs and only had the 25lb plate on rounds 2 and 3. Couldn't get the damn sled to budge! DL 165#, 45/25# on sled. 19:42. Ugh.
  9. Mats Reply
    OH squats: started at 45lb, worked up to 125lb, which was a lot more than I thought I could do. Metcon: 225lb deadlifts, Rx on muscle ups, 50lb on the sled for first round, 45lb for rounds 2 and 3. 10:20 -> I probably should have gone heavier on the deads and sled pushes.
  10. Doug Reply
    Day Off looking better and better with every post. Sounds like you all had fun this AM, I slept in for time. Lumberjack 20 tomorrow? I saw it on the main site (didn't we do it last year?). Shayne and I were also checking out the Pain Storm site as well, their work out looks completely bad ass 50 x Bodyweight is the weight you must move ground to overhead 192*50= 9600 / 115 (what i would C+J) = 84 clean and jerks @ 115. Then you have to do a few box jumps (Height[in] x 75) 73*75= 5745 / 24" = 229 24" box jumps I kinda really want to do this WOD
    • Dave Reply
      We will do the Lumberjack 20 WOD tomorrow
  11. Mats Reply
    @Doug, I'm interested in doing that, what time are you thinking? I need to do some two-a-days in preparation for the challenge.
  12. Mike K. Reply
    Did an AWFUL workout last night from OPT's blog 6 rounds - 4min active rest between 10 P. Cleans, 155/105 10 Box Jumps, 30/24 10 KB Squat Cleans, 70/44 10 Burpees
  13. Doug Reply
    @Mats - not sure, either Saturday or Sunday, but it will depend on the workouts for both of those days as I'm guessing that WOD will take about an hour or so What day works better for you?
  14. KatieP Reply
    I would go to a 7:15am WOD depending on my class schedule next semester.
  15. Mats Reply
    @Doug - either day would be fine with me. I would prefer to do your WOD after I do the main WOD, so after the 9am or 10am class on Saturday or after the 10am class on Sunday.
  16. jonathan d Reply
    10lb PR on OHS - 155lbs. one day i'll do as much as my wife. wod - only did 225lbs on the deadlifts (70%), Rx MU, and 80lbs on the sled. took me about 3 mins to do the last 25m on the sled. couldn't get it moving. 15:15. congrats to lindsey on her first (and then 4 more) muscle ups today.
  17. Paul Reply
    Mats and Doug- let me know what time you guys decide because I'd like to join. Hit a PR on OHS of 190 today then failed at 200. METCON was brutal- 15:31 subbing jumping muscle-ups for RX, 310# deads. My lungs were burning!
    • Dave Reply
      Big shout out to Lindsey Caley for getting her Muscle Ups today....4 of them, so she's even street certified! Great job! Nice work to everyone with the sleds...tough work....they'll get easier to use as we practice with them more :)
  18. Charlie Reply
    @ Doug, count me in as well. Sunday the 20th we could double up the Wallace WOD with that. Speaking of Wallace WOD, I want to go at 11:00 am rather than 12:00 this week if that's cool with whomever was going to show up (Which means I should just get a hold of meaghan). Did the OHS but just wanted to get some rowing in. Maxed out @ 185 but failed on two tries to jerk and stabilize 195 before I even got to the squat. 5K row: 18:52.9 which I actually thought was a PR until I checked my log book. It's not. Oh well, the OHS was.
  19. Doug Reply
    Pain Storm WOD will not be tomorrow if we are doing the Lumberjack 20, get ready, it is a BEAST of a workout. Talk about Sunday's WOD tomorrow. Charlie are you coming in to the gym tomorrow? Mats and Paul, I'm thinking the 9 AM for Lumberjack 20
  20. Meaghan Reply
    @Charlie - Sunday 11am is on the calendar. Any bets on how many others show? :P
  21. Charlie Reply
    Saturday mornings I do Bikram
  22. shayne Reply
    congrats on the muscle-ups, Lindsey!! awesome :D
  23. Gabe Hall Reply
    Hey Matt and Doug are u guys doing the Painstorm WOD on Sunday? I also want to get in a two a day this weekend..count me in guys!
    • Dave Reply
      Hey Guys some unsolicited feedback (so take it for what it's worth): if you're thinking about doing some two-a-days leading up to the Challenge (which I think is a great idea) I'm not sure coupling two LONG hero-wod style wods as your two would be the best choice.
  24. Mike K Reply
    so lumberjack 20 tomorrow for real? I'll be there at 9.
  25. Lindsey Reply
    Thanks for the shout out on muscle-ups! I'm so excited and can't wait to try them again tomorrow! @Charlie and Meaghan- I would definitely come to the Wallace WOD on Sunday but I'm on call. :( I hope to make it one of these weekends! I was hoping to make up Wednesdays WOD (Bodyweight Party) tomorrow, since I LOVE the bodyweight wods, but the Lumberjack 20 looks too horribly awesome to pass up...see y'all tomorrow!
  26. Mike K. Reply
    Congrats Lindsey...can't believe I freakin' missed it...why couldn't you have just gotten your first MU on Tuesday? :p
  27. Lindsey Reply
    My thoughts exactly, Mike...why the heck did it take so long to get? :p Oh, I forgot to mention, push sleds = burning legs.
  28. Mats Reply
    Went back for another WOD, "Jackie": 1000m Row 50 Thrusters (45lb) 30 Pullups Rx, 8:31.
  29. cke Reply
    Great 5pm crew and instruct Colin - admittedly I was kind of sad to miss 5 o'clock warm-up after seeing 6 go through. Charlie - Sunday @ 11 sounds terrific. I'm in. Lindsey - Muscle Up Kudos!!!
  30. Jamie Reply
    I completed my first WOD today, look forward to more sled pushes.

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