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On The Minute

On Sunday, July 19th, we will host Coach Chris Wilkes of CrossFit Chesapeake for an OLYMPIC WEIGHTLFITING SEMINAR!  Space is VERY limited so sign up today! 

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Friday 090612
Power Clean

3, 3, 3
Perform 2 Power Cleans (80% of 1RM) on the minute for 15 minutes
*For every rep not completed, perform 5 Burpees during rest time

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Rip on the Power Clean

  1. Jack Reply
    Congrats to Dori on getting her first pull-up!
  2. Allison B Reply
    AWESOME!!!!!! One more person who needs the "Your girl does Pilates... I do pullups" T-shirt!
  3. Sarah D Reply
    I was just getting on here to congratulate Dori on her first pullup too! We're on the same page, Jack. Watch out. That could be dangerous. Hell yeah, Dori! I think I might even call that a pullup and 1/2 for all the extra umph you gave it. Also, don't forget to wish Mandy and Becky N. a happy birthday when you next see them. Mandy's was yesterday, and Becky's is today. Dori gets an honorary birthday too for having her first pullup. Happy Birthday everyone!
  4. Naomi Reply
    Happy Birthday, everyone!
  5. mandy j. Reply
    thanks for all the bday love, people! also DORI CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST PULLUP!
  6. Ali Y Reply
    Dori - That's HUGE! Congrats, I hope I am not too far behind....
  7. Lori F Reply
    Great work, Dori...!
  8. lindsay hill Reply
    all the cool kids have june birthdays...happy UNbirthday to lori...and go dori! this morning johndsay hill made a 6:15 appearance and it reminded me why i never go that early. the workout itself was great, got to 110# on cleans working with Lori and did the wod with 95# and no burpees...but then i took a nap before work, and if you have never taken a nap after crossfit, i will just tell you it is the most glorious sleep you can experience...so wonderful in fact, that i was late for work...oops.
  9. Shane F Reply
    3x 175# for the pre-WOD lifting portion. 185# for the WOD w/ no burpees...its kine of neat having that burpee punishment on deck in the back of your mind in the event you consider whimping out.

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