One Day, Two Max Efforts -- WOD for 090731 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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One Day, Two Max Efforts

On Saturday, September 26th CrossFit Durham will take part in Fight Gone Bad IV, a nationwide fundraiser benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project and Athletes For A Cure.  Click here to register for our Team and let’s raise $10,000 for these two worthy causes.  Learn more about what we have planned under Upcoming Events.

**Gym News**
We bought a couple buckets of anti-bacterial “gym wipes”, located by the fire extinguisher.  Please help keep the gym clean, and cut down on any risk of staph infections, flu, etc and wipe off your bars and pullup bars after your WOD.

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WOD for Friday 090731Today’s Schedule — Click Here
Clean and Jerk
For Time:
Row 2K

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Max effort rowing — 3-2-1-Go!

  1. Sara C Reply
    this litterally gives me nightmares...and its not even til tomorrow...*shudder*
  2. becky Reply
    this is just evil...reading the "how to do a 2K" did not make me feel more prepared.
  3. Basil Reply
    i actually don't mind rowing, its one of the few things i am half way good at.
  4. B. Kiddo Reply
    I on the other hand, Basil, suck at it. I would so rather run 1 1/2 miles. I am not looking forward to this.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Bea, just look at it Rachel's way -- automatic PR :)
  5. Lori F Reply
    yes, well, the row WAS a drag. Disappointingly, i hit the exact same time as last time - ~9:30. oh well. Clean n jerks were good, though - PR'ed at 115lbs! yeah!
  6. Rachel Reply
    I wouldn't call it enjoyable, but it's only the second WOD I've been able to do as RX'd. Also, first time I've rowed 2k, so instant PR! ;)
  7. Sabah Reply
    It was a good welcome back workout for me. 6:15 class was good but I don't think I can wake up for it again for a long time :)
  8. lindsay hill Reply
    so i guess we will put off the mud run till next year, or like becky said, there is mud, or mud to be made in front of the box. sleep monster got me today so i missed the workout...although i am not sure if i am very upset about it.
  9. B. Kiddo Reply
    I looked back through my book and the only WOD that I have written "That was Horrible!!!!!" next to was one similar to this. Here is praying for a huge class so that you have to sub running for me.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      there will be no subs for rowing today. EVERYONE will row.....and EVERYONE will like it :D Bea, you may have to row twice
  10. B. Kiddo Reply
    Oh, I love you too Dave.
  11. Matt H Reply
    subbed this for my endurance workout.....did it on my own German volume training for strength portion: 10 x 10 @ 135 for first 5 sets dropped to 115 (shoulder press) rest 60 sec between sets row at 7:35.8.....know I can break 7, I'm beat down right now....sunday funday can't come soon enough doing another wod later, not sure what though
  12. Matt H Reply
    wod 2: 100 squats 100 pushups 25 dead lifts (135) *done in order* add roommates outside ripping on me, mosquitoes and 100 degree weather 7.33
  13. Sara C Reply
    great job today 5pm class.... 2k - 8:42 - (warm-up) 2k - 7:42 - WOD ugh....need to get back to anaerobic threshhold training... but its my first WOD Rx'd!
  14. Bill Reply
    7:15 on the row, thanks for the push Becky!
  15. Becky N Reply
    2k's are so hard ahhhh... 8:29 C&J got to 90lbs - thanks to Dori Mandy and Jack for helping me with my form :)
  16. Basil Reply
    205# (power) clean and jerk 185# (Squat) clean and jerk 7:28 on the 2k, Jack said "You have the worst form I have ever seen." I can appreciate honesty, looks like I need to work on the form so I can finish quicker than Bill next time. Thanks for Dave and others for pushing me through and I think the ten hard pulls for after every 500m break helped.
  17. Becky N Reply
    Sarah Couch - you and I should do a rowing clinic one day. We could talk about form and pacing a 2k and coxing. It would be fun :)
  18. Sara C Reply
    sounds good to me :-D
  19. Melinda Reply
    Yes please. Please put the rowing clinic in the suggestion box or poll or whatever. Great idea.

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