One Dumbbell, Tons Of Fun -- WOD for 032810 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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One Dumbbell, Tons Of Fun

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Saturday, April 3rd, 9am-Noon

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WOD for Saturday 032810 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Weighted Dips
With one dumbbell complete AMRAP in 20 min of:
10 Hang Power Snatch (each arm)
15 Dumbbell Swings
20 Walking Goblet Lunges (each leg)

Post Loads and Time to Comments
Use weight vests, weight belt, or a DB between the feet to add load for the dips.  If you cannot perform any ring dips use the least amount of assistance to complete sets of five.  All reps must be full ROM.  

For the Metcon, choose a DB load that will allow you to complete each movement without resting.  This will help maximize power output and intensity throughout the full 20 minutes.      

OPEN GYM today from 10-11am!  PR’s, Benchmarks, and Goats!

Scenario:  You notice one of your fellow CF athletes cheating during a WOD/WODs.  Skipping reps, shortening ROM, etc.  This person consistently finishes higher than you on the whiteboard. 
Question:  What do you do?  Ignore it?  Pull them aside and share your concern?  Tell one of the coaches?  Post answer to comments.

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  1. Phil B Reply
    I'd handle that scenario one on one. I know I've sandbagged before, like unintentional range of motion shortcuts (not standing all the way up after a burpee) and if someone didn't yell at me, "all the way up", I wouldn't know I was shortcutting. I guess my point is, I'd give em the benefit of the doubt and assume they weren't totally aware of their bodily range of motion, or they lost count due to exhaustion. A reminder would suffice in that instance.
  2. Matt H Reply
    I agree with phil....the training is to make you better, so while calling someone out may piss them off its better in the long run. I know personally its hard to keep track sometimes when one is tired, sandbagging happens, reps added or missed etc. I think its a great idea as long as the person calling you out isn't a dick about it. I always frown or grimace when I'm called out on form, but I know its better for me in the long run. Thanks to everyone for their support this weekend!! It certainly was an interesting if not horrible experience. Though I'll probably look back on it and say that was fun. The next goal is Western States and after this weekend I realize its quite a lofty goal. I ask everyone bring their worst at the gym because I'm gonna need it. And yes you can do just crossfit and complete an Ultra. I wouldnt recommend it but its possible!
  3. Phil B Reply
    If it was a consistent problem and someone was intentionally inflating their numbers on a regular basis, that's a different story. If that was the case, I'd be so disappointed that I wouldn't tell a soul. Like Matt said, they'd only be hurting themselves and I would let them continue down that track. Thankfully, I've never seen any instance of such behavior. Besides, I need people to finish higher than me on the whiteboard. That drives me. I earnestly hope they're there because they're better than me.
  4. cke Reply
    With regard to (silly) survey question, I’m gonna quote - “ I think its a great idea as long as the person calling you out isn’t a dick about it”. Way to goal go this weekend MH! Congrats with kudos.

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