Partner Cleaning Mayhem -- WOD for 112010 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Partner Cleaning Mayhem

The gym will be open on Thanksgiving Day for a team WOD at 9am!

WOD for Saturday 112010 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Bench Press

Partner WOD
AMRAP in 12 minutes:
One partner does 10 Ring Dips, while the other partner performs as many Squat Cleans (135/95) as possible.  Take turns for the full 12 minutes.  Score for the team is the total number of Squat Cleans performed.

Post Bench Press Loads and Metcon Clean Reps to Comments
For the strength segment, follow the rep scheme for the Bench Press.  Work up to as heavy a weight as possible.  Use good sense and judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  Use a spotter for all lifts.    

For the Metcon, consider teaming with someone you may not ordinarily work with.

OPEN GYM today from 11am-12pm!  Make up a missed WOD or work on your lifts.

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Starting Thursday, December 2nd (Tues/Thurs 7pm)

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  1. Ashley Reply
    Such a fun WOD! When Christmas and I did this at Coaches Prep we got 66 cleans total. I'm going for more tomorrow! :)
  2. Ashley Reply
    Hey guys. I know the coaches aren't supposed to really discuss anything about the intragym competition right now, but I really feel like I need to say something. This whole competition thing is supposed to be fun. With that said, everyone who posts something about it says they want it to be fun, but it's quickly becoming way more serious then I think it was ever intended to become. It's supposed to be a day of getting together and doing a few team WODs... that's it really. I don't think the idea behind it was to become uberly focused on the rules and regulations and what does and doesn't constitute a team. Personally, if the seriousness of this "fun" day continues I don't think I'm going to participate. Not that I expect that to really matter to anyone, but I know if I'm feeling this way there are probably other people who do as well. This honestly shouldn't be taken any more seriously than our team WODs on Saturday. I'm afraid that all of the talk about what needs to be done is driving more people away than encouraging them to participate. If you seriously want to compete, then enter a CrossFit competition, like the CFC, but let's not turn a day of fun into a cut throat battle. I know I'm going to get ridiculed for this and told I'm too harsh, or I'm too opinionated, blah, blah, blah... that seems to be the case here lately, but then again, I'm not too worried about what the majority thinks of me.
  3. Ashley Reply
    I think it was only a ten min WOD at the coaches prep... Maybe I'm wrong about that though. Either way, I'm looking forward to this! And I drank coffee way too late tonight. That combined with me feeling super cooped up from being sick is keeping me wide awake! :l. Blahhhhhhhh.
    • Dave Reply
      I did make it a couple minutes longer for today, just to fill up the class time a little more :)
  4. Gabe Hall Reply
    I agree with Ashley...seems like most people are taking out "mafia hits" on each other.... keep it crazy competitive and hardcore but not at the expense of the go hard friendships at CFD....I came to the 6.15 am group yesterday and worked out....great group of guys and girls that I rarely see....The CFC is like 4 weeks away screw this itra-gym comp for a while and let's focus on going so hard at the CFC that you get a restraining order put on the by the Durham I'm fired up!! I'm in VA Beach guys for a week..I'm about to head to beachcrossfit and represent crossfitdurham aka "House of Pain.. Palace of Gain"
  5. Gabe Hall Reply
    Yesterdays WOD: 405x3 425x3 455x3 475x3 500x 1.5(tried 500 for 3 my last set got the first one up legs didnt have it for the next 1.5 reps lol)
  6. Rachel Reply
    I also agree with Ashley, Shayne, et al - intra-gym competition between classes is what we do every day, using the whiteboard. Kudos to those who want more serious competition with each other; from the comments that seems to be a subset of CFD firebreathers, and I'll be happy to cheer them on. Wish I were in town for the CFC - it sounds like it's going to be fantastic!
  7. Renee Reply
    I just wanted to repost Tripp's comment from yesterday: How about instead of all this internecine conflict, we make the whole intra-gym challenge something fun that everyone can participate in and all the big-dogs get together to try out for an affiliate team for the games? P.S. Internecine means "Destructive to both sides in a conflict: "savage internecine warfare""- I had to look it up :)
  8. Ashley Reply
    I has to look that word up yesterday too Renee. ;) Did part two of the WOD I suggested the other day and still felt like my lungs were going to explode. Being sick is no bueno. 6 rounds of 8 KB snatches (35#) and 8 burpees - 4:45
  9. shayne Reply
    @tripp/renee love the word, perfectly applied in this situation :) excellent idea, too - totally agree!
  10. doug Reply
    Great day at the Gym, got to work out with Jay at 9AM, we cleaned 95 reps. The ring dips were brutal. I stuck around and did Ashley's proposed WOD from earlier in the week, 3 Rnds 9 x 115 Thrusters (horrible BTW) 15 x 24" box jump Row 250 Rest 5 min then get smoked by Ashley and Shayne 6 Rnds 8 52# snatch (alternate arm for rounds) 8 x Burpee The girls kicked my ass, great work
  11. Mats Reply
    I was able to link 6 muscle ups together twice before the WOD today, new record for me. I can barely remember the last time I did bench press. My previous 1RM was around 135 lb, I was able to work up to 155 lb, that felt great. Dave, you must be doing something right! The partner WOD was a lot of fun. I teamed up with Max. We did 78 squat cleans at 115 lb. Those ring dips started to get really hard after the 2nd round, something I definitely need to work on.
  12. Britt Reply
    Yay for the girls on bench press today! 120lb (+10lb PR). Lori is craziness and got up 123lb for a PR. Team WOD with Barbara. 78 squat cleans @ 65lb for Barb and 80lb for me. (modified Chipper WOD) 70lb power clean, 15reps 30 Toes 2 Bar 30 Box jump (20") 15 KB swings (35.2lb) 25lb DB push press, 15reps 30 Double unders 70lb thruster (heaviest thrusters I've done to date! Before today only gone up to 60) 30 pullups (combo of kipping and butterfly) 30 burpees 200 ft walking lunge ~20min
  13. jonathan d Reply
    i'm trying to get over my sickness, so i decided to do 30 MU for time. was able to do my first 11 in 6 seconds. wait, what happened. oh, the stopwatch stopped. awesome. so i did about 20-30 more just for some work.
  14. matt h Reply
    did EVA today...800 m run/30 70# KB swings/30 pullups for 5 rounds...46.10....brutal

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