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Pick Your Poison

Only three weeks left to register for the Carolina Fitness Challenge
taking place at CrossFit Durham on Saturday, December 12th! 
Open to ALL Fitness Levels!  Sign up to join the fun!
Registration deadline: Nov. 30th

The event will be sponsored by Forged Clothing! 

We need volunteers to help with the event. 
If you are not competing but would like to help out please email dave@crossfitdurham.com.

WOD for Monday 110909Today’s Schedule — Click Here
Split Jerk/Push Jerk 
3 Rounds For Time:
5 Split/Push Jerks (use 70% of weight used earlier)
10 Chest To Bar Pullups
15 Box Jumps (24/20)

Post Loads and Time to Comments

There is an Endurance WOD today at 6pm!

How often do you look to see what the WOD is for the day before coming to the gym?  Have you ever seen the WOD and decided you would not come?  Post answers to comments

More wisdom from Jack LaLanne!

  1. Jessica Reply
    As is evident from this post, I check tomorrow's WOD virtually every night around 10pm. I try to stick to my weekly schedule of 4-5 crossfit days and 3 running days, but I do sometimes change my schedule based on the WOD. I try not to avoid stuff I suck at (anything with weights overhead; front squats) but I'm likely to come to class if I see stuff in a WOD I especially like (running; box jumps; ring dips; HSPUs; deadlifts; lunges; anything over 20 minutes).
  2. Doug Reply
    I typically only check the WOD first if it is day 3 of a cycle, or if we did something REALLY intense (like squat or HPC ladders) and I'm afraid I'll be too gassed to really go the next day. I have noticed that the "day 3" suck is getting less and less each week as I'm still relatively new to all of this, but I typically check as I would rather rest for 1 day and come back ready to go hard.
  3. Lori F Reply
    I try not to ever look because I really don't want to pick and choose, and avoid the stuff I'm not good at. But, if I'm feeling particularly sore I might check the night before for the same reason as Doug!
  4. lindsay Reply
    I check obsessively, but usually always come, even when it is something I know I will hate, except for when I am super sore, and the wod would only aggravate it, or crunched for time and it is a long wod.
  5. Tripp Reply
    I only come when we're gonna lift some heavy shit... at least that's what Jack says.

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