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Fifth Ape Seminar – February 5th! 
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Durham Indoor Rowing Trials – February 27th! 
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WOD for Thursday 012011  – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Knees To Elbows
50 Strict Reps 
AMRAP in 15 minutes:
5 Power Cleans (135/95)

10 Pistols (5 each leg)
15 Double Unders 

Post Metcon Rounds to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 50 strict Knees To Elbows.  Take your time.  Rep 50 should look as solid as Rep 1 AND have the same ROM.  DO NOT use momentum for any rep.  Lower and raise your body slowly.  You should be able to hold yourself in the top position.       

For the Metcon, scale Power Clean load to allow for 5 unbroken reps each round and scale pistols to allow for full ROM. 

ENDURANCE WOD tonight at 6pm!
Tonight’s WOD will be done on the Concept 2’s.  A little too involved to post here but guaranteed to get you fired up.  20 minutes total.  Multiple Tabata intervals, damper settings, and Wattage.

Beginning this Saturday, January 22nd, we will offer an hour long Mobility Workout at 11am.  Questions about stretching, foam rolling, using lacrosse balls?  This is for YOU!   See a more detailed description of the class here

Upcoming Foundations Courses
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Upcoming Events
Fifth Ape Parkour Seminar – Saturday, February 5
Triad Barbell Open — Sat, February 26th, at CF Downtown Winston
Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Sun, February 27th

Pistol Squat Variations…try at your own risk!

  1. Ashley D Reply
    I'll try... And then cause massive drama when I fall and snap my ankle in half.
  2. Cliff D. Reply
    ...and there were many modifications! My cleans were done with 70 lbs. That's a 10lb bumper plate on one side, and a 15lb bumper plate on the other side. : I think someone owes some burpees for putting the 15 on the wrong stack.... Pistols were modified to 2 pistols (with assistance from a squat rack) and 16 air squats Double unders were modified to 45 single unders, and I worked some double-unders after the metcon. So: 5 cleans, 70lbs 2 pistols 16 squats 45 single-unders 7 rounds + 16 squats. Only three people present for the class. Where were all my 7:15ers? Cleans were starting to feel a little better by the end.
  3. Gwen Reply
    I'm sure a few people would be interested to know that Larabars are on sale this week over at the Harris Teeter off of MLK. Dunno if they are exactly Whole 30 appropriate, but ohhhh the deliciousness.
  4. Doug Reply
    I can finally do a real pistol, though VERY ugly with my right leg. My left leg sucks and isn't close. Pistols and Double Unders in the same WOD was a little brutal, but actually, kind of a fun workout 7 rounds and 5 Cleans
  5. Paul Reply
    I ended up doing these "negative" pistols where I sit on a dyna-max ball and then swing my hands forward to get some momentum on the way back up. It seemed to be a pretty good modification. 7 rounds + 5 cleans, same as Doug.
  6. Gabe Reply
    Did pistols on the box which are a far cry from a true pistol.... 10 rounds + 1 PC
  7. Anna C Reply
    85# for the cleans, pistols with a red band on the pull up bar...got 8 rounds even. my double unders decided to work a little better today. had a few rounds where i got all 15 strung together. my legs did not listen to me very well towards the end when i told them to jump for the cleans, so i ended up pretty much reverse curling the bar a few times. i've gotta work on getting my elbows around. all in all, i enjoyed this wod. the KTE were rough after yesterday but a good exercise in core strength.
  8. Ashley T Reply
    Ashley- I wish I had done the pistol challenge! I had never tried one before today and wasn't really sure how, so didn't attempt the challenge. But- although VERY ugly- I did pistols with my right leg unasssisted, though i had to grab the bar a few times on the left side. Still, exciting! 5 rounds-75# on the first two rounds of cleans, 70# on the last three. Today was another example of how badly I need to work on my stringing together my double unders. Anyone going to the endurance WOD tonight? I'll be there, though I'm slighty terrified....
  9. Jonathan "Clarked the Whole Thing" Johnson Reply
    If anyone would like to take my spot at the Triad Barbell Open on Feb 26th I would greatly appreciate it. I'll charge you $40 which is a 20% discount on the registration. Just let me know.
  10. shayne Reply
    @Ashley T i'll be there, and don't be terrified - it's always challenging but totally worth it!
  11. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    Jonathan, your nickname is hilarious, but bittersweet. ;_;
  12. Paul Potorti Denton Reply
    105 for cleans, assisted pistols, 11 rnds + 8 pistols. 3 friends attended 6pm session & all had a great time. Thanks Dave, Rich, & Bea!
  13. shayne Reply
    in case anyone ever thinks tabata rowing is a good idea, let me tell you: it isn't. wicked endurance WOD tonight, as per usual. 7 rounds on the regular WOD, 70# cleans, band assisted pistols. wasted some time getting through the DUs in the last few rounds, which was especially disappointing as they were *so good* in the first 4 rounds. sad.

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