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Power On Top Of Power

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WOD for Wednesday 090110 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Warmup:  3 reps @40/50/60/75% 1RM
Work:  5 sets of 1 rep @90% 1RM
5 Rounds For Time:
5 Power Cleans (65% 1RM)
20 Double Unders

Post Deadlift Loads and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, you will do four warmup sets for the Deadlift followed by 5 work sets at 90% 1RM.  Use common sense and good judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day. 

The Metcon is intended to be short and powerful.  Don’t hold back in your strength segment preparing for the Metcon.  Using the prescribed Power Clean % will maximize power output and intensity.  Sub for Double Unders is attempts. 

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  1. Mike K Reply
    Deadlifts! Let's see if I can put this off til Thursday like I'm supposed to...
  2. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    I have a very important question.
  3. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    Can anyone think of a crossfit movement that starts with the letter "U"?
  4. Paul Reply
    Until I puke, I'll keep moving.
  5. Bill Reply
    Question for my Xfit peeps. There's this team competition at the EPA where we get to program an event for opposing teams. I convinced my team to program the following for our opposition: 10-9-8...-3-2-1 Burpees Double Unders My question is, what do you think a good time is? (for you or in general) Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Bill Reply
    To the Yoke, I feel like "upright" should be able to be attached to something.
  7. Phil B Reply
    Thanks "Big Daddy" Bill. I also came up with uphill and uneven. I'm also trying to come up with a WOD. As for your question, we're talking about 55 burpees and 55 double unders. I think this would probably take the uninitiated 20-25 minutes. I seriously doubt that the common environmental scientist knows anything about double unders.
  8. jonathan d Reply
    bill - we did a similar wod on 6-23... double unders 20-18-16...6-4-2 burpees 1-2-3...8-9-10 4:57
  9. Phil B Reply
    I remember that WOD well. I had the slowest time of the day at ~25 minutes. http://crossfitdurham.com/power-jumping-2/#comments
  10. Mats Fredrickson Reply
    I'm hoping to get some advice from my fellow crossfitters. I'm still fairly new to crossfit (~3 months in), but lately I've been dealing with sore/painful shoulders. It's been going on for a week or two and there is not any particular event I can attribute this to. It is in no way debilitating, but it's at a point where I'm not sure I should do any WODs requiring lifing weights overhead. Has anyone experience anything similar? I'm thinking I should take a week or so off, but does anyone have any other suggestions?
  11. Phil B Reply
    Mats, is there numbness as well?
  12. Bill Reply
    Jonathan, great memory! Anyone have other times from that day?
  13. Doug Reply
    There is something magical about the rest week. Take the week and re-assess what is going on with your shoulders then. Both of my shoulders were really bothering me after all of the double unders we did for the last few weeks, something about them makes them achy. I do have a bum shoulder, but because my double under form sucks (swinging my arms) it always makes my shoulders really burn, and they were sore all last week... Speaking of double unders, they are just terrible. The Wod was Hell this morning 7:30 RX with 145# Pwr Cleans.
  14. Mats Fredrickson Reply
    Phil, no numbness. I can't think of a particular workout that caused this, it was a gradual onset.
  15. Erin Mc Reply
    Great news, everyone! We don't need to go to CrossFit anymore. "NuBod is easy to put on - the more you pull, the tighter & more slender your arms becomes!" https://www.nubod.com/flare/next
  16. Rachel Reply
    Check out Kelly Starret's post on shoulders yesterday (), and his 2 Minute Drills in the CrossFit Journal, too. This morning I worked on strengthening my back squat, with Stew's assistance, so I'll have to get back to deadlifts later. This was my 4th day in a row, and every day seemed to involve either cleans or snatches & pullups -> today's WOD felt awful, but my DUs seemed to start coming back together again. 7: something with 65# power cleans.
  17. Phil B Reply
    The corset of the future! I'm going to stop working out right. now.
  18. shayne Reply
    @Erin ha! i'd definitely buy it if they could make my arms look stronger... and somehow magically make me able to do an unassisted pullup! i'll keep my fingers crossed, and keep working in the meantime ;) today's WOD - 7:23, 50# pc's. meh DUs. it was fun working out with the 11:30am class. jonathan d killed it! great job, everyone!
  19. Matt H Reply
    @Mats....I had a problem last year for about a month with a horrible aching pain in both of my shoulders. I could still train, but any sort of shoulder exercise was hell at first, I'd power through the workout but my shoulders ached through out the day. It wasnt my whole shoulder, just a muscle running down the middle, its hard to explain. Not sure what caused it, maybe overuse of a muscle I wasn't used to training. Doubt it was injury because it was in both shoulders in the same place. Eventually it just went away, I honestly dont remember what I did...ie take time off or subbed other exercises. Most people would say take it easy...Id say just sub other exercises for any shoulder work that bothers you.
  20. Phil B Reply
    Since I'm tougher than Holtry, I would recommend doing nothing but shoulder work.
    • Dave Reply
      Mats, we can talk more when I see you. But for you and everyone else reading, this is a good time to mention that icing after a WOD, especially if you have/have had any issues, is a great idea. Also, it is extremely important to ALWAYS finish your overhead movements in the full locked out overhead position, with your head and chest through the bar. Do not sacrifice form in chasing a faster time, really in any case, but especially with the shoulders....they're delicate structures :)
  21. Ashley Reply
    Mats, I get really sore/tight shoulders quite often and fortunately going to my chiropractor usually helps. However, there is a difference between hurt ans sore. If you're hurt you may need to sub some movements and get it checked out. Be sure to ice after your WODs (No advil... and no heat for acute injuries.) Also, pay attention your head positioning in your lifts. Many people like to look up during things like front squats, OHS, press, and so forth. Doing so can put your in a compromising position and cause pinched nerves in your shoulders/neck. Rest day for me! Woo!
  22. jonathan d Reply
    mats - i hurt my shoulder doing muscle ups a while back. it hurt to push a door open, but other movements were fine. i just stopped doing anything overhead for a few weeks and it got better. today's wod - 3:30 with 135# cleans.
  23. Dave P Reply
    8:15 for the WOD. I've had a recurring shoulder problem and I think what has helped me the most is including light shoulder exercises/stretches in my crossfit warmup. Get there earlier so you have time for a longer warmup. Handstands are difficult for me so recently I started doing at least one solid handstand during my warmup as well.
  24. Matt H Reply
    So Phil are you down for PVC Fran....its where we hit each other with PVC pipes while we do Fran. I think it would bring a whole new toughness to crossfit

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