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There's Nothing Like a Good Snatch

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Monday 0904020
Power Snatch

3, 3, 3
— Rest–
For Time:
Row 1000m
50 Thrusters (45lbs)
30 Pullups  

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  1. Allison B Reply
    12:49 Thrusters at 45 and 35lbs, blue for pullups. Great job 6am!
  2. mandy j. Reply
    hit 105# on the snatches today...it wasnt pretty towards the end there (sarah d thanks for the motivation) metcon was 10:20 with Rx weight thrusters and ring rows subbed for pull ups-- PR'd my 1k row split at 4:27...woot.
  3. becky Reply
    stayed at 45 lb for the snatches to work on form. and for the first time ever on a weight & pull up work out i get to say RX!! 13:48 with the kipping pull ups taking nearly 6 minutes in sets of 1-3 at a time...big thanks to mitchell for yelling at me to get back on the bar and get it done :)
  4. Lori F Reply
    Becky, that is awesome! i am jealous! Allison and I banged out the snatches, maxing at 55lbs. For WOD, also PR'ed on 1k row, at 4:31 [Mandy rules, tho!], Rx on thrusters and blue band PUs. 10:09 ...and still feeling it! We had an all-girls 6:15am class... we missed Tom!
  5. Sarah D Reply
    Crossfit women knocked the hell out of the WODs today! Nice work yall. Everybody seemed to hit some kind of PR today. That is so fun to see, and great to work out with you all!
  6. Sarah D Reply
    On another note, I couldn't have come up with a better title for today's workout. Dave, was that you? Nice work.
  7. Naomi Reply
    My snatch needs lots of work! ;) Still working at the noob level - practiced at 25#, and did 35# for 3-3-3. Metcon: 11:05 35# for thrusters, big fat black band for pullups. Then my head almost exploded. Y'all are amazing.

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