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Power Through

Did you hear the big news?

WOD for Thursday 102011Click Here For Today’s Schedule
10 Rounds For Time:
3 Power Snatch (115/75)
3 Burpees

Post Press Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 5 sets of 3 Press.

For the conditioning workout, scale Power Snatch load as necessary to ensure proper movement execution.  This workout is meant to be hard and fast.

The wall is down!  It should be framed out and finished this weekend.  Painting of the new space should be taking place early next week.  New equipment will be arriving in bits and pieces.  Thanks for your patience as we get everything done over the next couple of weeks!

  1. elizabeth c Reply
    Is there an Endurance wod?
  2. Paul K Reply
    Forgot to post to the board this morning, but worked up to 125 for the press. Did the METCON at 75lbs, finished in 6:02. Very intense! Loved it.
  3. T-roie Reply
    Brandon is a strong dude; he did 185 for 3 rep press for 4 sets! I on the other hand had trouble with 135. Did 4 sets of only 2 reps, then on the 5th set, I beat out 3 reps! It was awesome! Metcon was rxd for Brandon and I...he did 4:18 and I did 5:22...hard and fast with lungs-a-burnin'. FINALLY was able to do a few pistols on each leg after metcon! I'm getting more even on both sides in strength and working my way up...just in time for the challenge! Keep it up Troie! Looking forward to gym renovations!
  4. shayne Reply
    maybe we should get a few of these, Dave? for those times when air squats are just too hard... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aUFZL9R04Y&feature=youtube_gdata (via crossfit nyc)
    • Dave Reply
      Ordered three...thanks, Shayne ;)
  5. Paul Po Reply
    There is no endurance WOD this evening. My apologies.
  6. Doug Reply
    continuing on with my active rest week... Did 15 minutes of mobility and then went on a 2ish mile run. BORING!
  7. Ashley D Reply
    was going to take today completely off until i saw a video of john north doing a 396lbs (or maybe even 398lbs) C&J. sooooo, i did some front squats this morning. tried for 210lbs twice, but missed it both times. getting out of the hole, but stopping about half way up. annoying.

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