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Press It Out

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6 Rounds for Time:
30 Squats
10 Pullups
5 Hang Cleans (135/95)
This WOD should be completed RX’d in under 15 minutes.  Loads should be scaled to allow you to finish in this timeframe to maximize power output.

Post Loads, Scaling Used, and Time Comments  

Overuse Injuries, Muscle Imbalances, Alignment
What They Need vs. What They Want
Sugar: The Bitter Truth

**Survey Question Of The Weekend**
If you were about to do the hardest WOD ever designed, what 3 songs would you want to be played on a continuous loop to get you through it?  Post answers to comments. 

Locked out….head and chest driven under the bar

  1. Becky N Reply
    No Shoulder Presses for me today. Still babying the right shoulder. I was going to go really light and do more reps to work on form, but I realized that I couldn't. For some reason, pullups were ok to do. I may need to see a PT to find out exactly what I f-ed up. It's weird that pullups felt fine and other things don't. WOD in 11:55 with CTB pullups, and Squat Cleans (from ground) at 115lbs. Air Squats are freaking hard after squat cleans! Felt good though ;)
  2. Sarah D Reply
    Oops! I was using Becky's computer to post that. Nope, that was me :)
  3. john hill Reply
    hello from new jersey. lindsay and i worked out at guerrila fitness in montclair nj this morning. its the box from the month 30 days of crossfit article in mens health. we had the pleasure of taking part of their practice run for the nationwide fight gone bad event. its a huge box and the athletes and coaches were very welcoming. greg, the box's owner thought it would be fun to scale up to 85lbs sdhp and presses. lindsay finished up w 219 and i finished w 231. see you guys monday.
  4. Rich Reply
    I've just spent two hours with iTunes trying to identify my Top 3 workout songs. There are just too many good songs for me to decide! However, these keep floating to the top of the list: Renegades of Funk - Rage Against the Machine Head like a hole - Nine Inch Nails Nitro (Youth Energy) - The Offspring
    • Dave Reply
      Rich, it was two hours well spent :)
  5. Matt H Reply
    couldnt make workout so i did 100 burpee pullups (GI Jane 17.03 did them on a playground so the bar was a little out of reach so I had jump and do a full a lot of strange looks to say the least
  6. Matt H Reply
    sorry....bad link
  7. B. Kiddo Reply
    Is that what you do when I am out of town Rich?

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