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Pulling and Thrusting

As you can see, the new website is up and running!  Still working out some kinks, but stay tuned for lots of great content!  Check out the article links below…these will be a new daily feature.  Be sure to post any thoughts and your time for today’s WOD to comments!

Monday 090323

5 Rounds for Time:
15 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95lbs/65lbs)
15 Thrusters (95lbs/65lbs)

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Today’s Fitness Article Links
Got Pullups?
You’ll Be Fine
A Review of SuperSlow Training 

  1. ldub Reply
    23:48 super slow...but i am the first to comment...yesss!
  2. becky Reply
    i missed the memo that 6:15 a.m. was when crossfit ladies come to kick ass! 19:48 (RX, woo!). my favorite part was cleaning the bar for the thrusters...the rest was psychologically devastating.
  3. Dave Reply
    The ladies of CF Durham rock! I did three rounds in 11:58 after some heavy overhead squats and decided I had enough!
  4. Dave P Reply
    20:41 using 65 lbs.
  5. mandy j Reply
    9:48 RX followed quickly by 3 rounds of vomit...for time.
  6. Melissa Reply
    So I usually don't do the 6am WODs, but I was pleasantly surprised today when the ALL GIRLS WOD kicked ass!!!! Lori, Mandy, Lindsey, Lili (and coach Courtney) YOU ROCK! Way to start the week off right. Mel (I think I was 11:20 or close to with 65lbs)
  7. Melissa Reply
    By the way...has anyone read "Got Pull Up?" Harsh! And totally deflated me!
  8. Sarah D Reply
    Wow! My legs are about to melt off my body... that said, I really like this workout. Nice combo with the SDHP and thrusters. 7:40 @ 65lbs.
  9. Ollie Reply
    Smoked...one of the hardest to date. Rx 14:48
  10. David Boles aka D-Bo aka Thor Reply
    Thanks to the punk that "Encouraged" me to go Rx! 18 minutes and forty seconds of lack of O2 and Schwarzeneggerian power!
  11. Mitchell Devastation Reply
    No lie... I'm pretty sure that was one of the most, if not THE most, difficult workouts of my Crossfit career.

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