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Push, Pull, and Throw

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Tuesday 090616
Push Press

3, 3, 3
4 Rounds for time:
9 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65)
15 Ring Push Ups
21 Wall Ball (21/12)

Post Loads and Time to Comments.

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Coach Glassman on the Push Press.  *Bonus*  Nicole as the demo girl

  1. mandy j. Reply
    got up to 165# on the push press. did the wod with 95# SDHP and my first time up on the box for the ring push ups (still working on that full range of motion)... 9:25 happy birthday, jason!
  2. sara B Reply
    SKILL: 45, 65, 75, 80 for the push press WOD: SMDHP 65# Ring Push-ups - held in plank position for 15 sec Wall Ball #12 7:49 min For cool down 45 seconds in the plank position for Jays 45 birthday. Happy Birthday Jay!
  3. Allison B Reply
    Hey 6:15, I'm with you guys in spirit (and clearly I'm checking in to see how much you're going to kick my butt next week)! Miss you!!! See ya Monday...
  4. Matt H Reply
    push press 1 135x3 2 165x2 3 175x0 failed SDHP 105 pounds 20 pound wall ball 5.38
  5. Shane F Reply
    I opted to join the 11:30 crowd today. Last set of presses was 3x 205#(PR). WOD as Rx in 8:40.
  6. lindsay hill Reply
    matt...you are a beast. today i got up to 85# on push press, and did the wod in 14something rx.
  7. B. Kiddo Reply
    Seriously, how is 5:38 possible? Matt H must have super powers. I will tell myself that so I will feel better about my 9:25.... which I promptly died afterward.
  8. Matt H Reply
    hot pockets and red bull.....thats the key

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