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Membership Rates

All new members, who have not previously trained at another CrossFit Affiliate, must first enroll in our Foundations Course. Current Bootcamp participants who wish to join regular CrossFit workouts must also take the Foundations Course prior to starting.

Membership entitles you to attend our WOD (Workout of the Day) Classes, Endurance Workouts, and Mobility Workouts and can be canceled any time after you have completed your first 3-months, provided we have 30 days notice in advance of your billing date.

There are no contract requirements beyond your initial 3 months. We give every one of our athletes our 100% effort and commitment and we ask that they do the same for us. We believe that once you have seriously dedicated three months to our program you will not want to leave. Exceptions can be made to our 3-month requirement for students and military personnel who may be leaving town. Please email us if you fall into this situation.

Transfer From Another CF Affiliate:
Have you previously trained at another CrossFit Affiliate? We would love to have you train with us now that you’re in Durham. It will not be necessary to complete our Foundations Course if you've been training elsewhere. All transfers must attend a CFD Box Orientation Session with one of our Coaches before attending our Workout of the Day classes. Please click here to start your membership registration.









10% Discount

Full Time Student
Police Officer
Durham Public/Charter School Teacher