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Ready, Snatch, Pull

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Front Squats 
The goal is to finish this WOD in 12-15 minutes.  Loads and pullups should be scaled to allow you to finish within this time frame.

Post Loads, Scaling, and Time to Comments  

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**Survey Question Of The Day**
What is your favorite benchmark WOD?  Post your answers to comments. 

Pullups, get your Pullups here!group pullups

  1. Matt H Reply
    Really liked "fight gone bad".....never have felt like that after a workout did "murph" one time and I really liked that one too.....basically the longer or more endurance based ones I'm a fan of
  2. john hill Reply
    Favorite wod would have to be Grace because i enjoy clean and jerks. next up have a date w uneven Grace. havent tried that one yet
  3. Basil Reply
    I am the opposite of Matt, I like short intense work outs that are a sprint the whole way. So WODs like Fran, Helen, and Elizabeth.
  4. becky Reply
    nasty girls (would be a looot better w/o those 4/4 subs, though)...and FGB...tend to like the longer grinders, so things like badger have a lot of appeal
  5. Sara C Reply
    2000 meter row. Is that a benchmark? Its on the wall...I absolutely hate them, I can't sleep the night before, but they the best training for my sport
  6. B. Kiddo Reply
    "Michael" How long does my comment have to be before it will except it? Hopefully this is enough.
  7. Sarah D Reply
    Favorite benchmark WOD? I love Helen. She's my girl. Worked on form on the front squats today. No PR's on the lift, but I maintained my usual working weight with improved form (working on being more upright). This is more important to me than a number any day. Thanks for the eye to my form, Courtney :) WOD in 8:29 this morning with 75lb Squat Snatches and CTB pullups. This is a 24 second PR for me... yes!
  8. sabah Reply
    I like short intense workouts also: Helen & Fran are my tops
  9. Jack W. Reply
    Sarah, did we do this wod before?
  10. Shane F Reply
    Front Squat, did 6x 225# last set (PR), was not quite up for 5x 230# today. WOD (70# Snatch) in 11:46. I am also a fan of short intense WODs, favorite benchmark is Fran.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Congratulations to Shane for posting the 1000th comment to our blog! Your prize? A killer workout on Monday morning :)
  11. Sarah D Reply
    Jack-- Don't think that the gym has done this before, but I did it in April and then again in June. So we've definitely talked about it. They used it at the Mid Atlantic qualifier with 65/95 as the weights. In April I used 65, and in June (and today) I used 75. It's a good one!
  12. lindsay Reply
    i took it easy on the squats today as my legs are tight from yesterday, used 53 for the snatches and finished in 17:50. The weight felt okay, but as i did more my legs got tighter, i just have a poor concept of time. I have a few favorite wods, nancy is one which is funny because i hate running. I like fight gone bad i think for sentimental reasons because it was my first benchmark, and nasty girls rx is my goal.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Power Outputs for Today’s WOD Male — 175lbs 75lbs in 10 minutes — 109 watts 65lbs in 10 minutes — 104 watts 95lbs in 12 minutes — 99 watts 75lbs in 12 minutes — 91 watts 95lbs in 15 minutes — 79 watts Female — 135lbs 45lbs in 10 minutes — 73 watts 65lbs in 12 minutes — 68 watts 53lbs in 12 minutes — 64 watts 45lbs in 12 minutes — 60 watts 65lbs in 15 minutes — 54 watts
  13. Basil Reply
    185# x 5 front squat 75# Snatches finished 9:48 What is the formula you use to calculate watts? I find it interesting that us watts which is SI (or metric) and we do everything in pounds and feet.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Basil i'm not sure the formula....there is a power output calculator at Catalyst Athletics website. you plug in height, weight, movements, loads, and time for the WOD and it does the calculations
      • Dave Rubin Reply
        Here's the Power Output Calculator link:
  14. Basil Reply
    Dave, According to that website, I did 160 watts of work. Isn't that way more than was posted on the whiteboard today? Or was that just for times posted just for snatches?
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      the whiteboard numbers were based on a theoretical guy, 5'10", 175lbs. i'm not sure how you're getting that many watts
  15. Basil Reply
    Never mind, I figured it out. I was adding weight to the pull ups when I shouldn't have. New power output is 122 watts.

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