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Ribbon Dancer

It’s Coach’s Challenge Week!
All of the Metcons this week (Mon-Sun) were designed by our Coaches. 
Does anyone scare you?     

WOD for Wednesday 102710 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
“Ribbon Dancer”

8 Rounds For Time:
3 Overhead Squats (95/65)
3 Back Squats
3 Push Press
3 Front Squats
Run 200m

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This Metcon comes from Coach Ashley!  Use one bar, with no rack, for all the movements. The first Push Press may be done from behind the neck.

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Don’t let the smile fool you.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid 🙂

  1. Mike K. Reply
    love it...this is my kind of WOD
  2. Ashley Reply
    Be afraid of the eye shadow for sure. Yikes. Who is that freak?
  3. Gabe Hall Reply
    Wow Ashley im hydrating and going to sleep after reading this!!!
    • Dave Reply
      REPOST: Hey Everyone I have been working with a local company to develop a package of equipment that can be used to do CF workouts when you’re on the road with no gym available. We would like to get some feedback and have a few people try out the product. If you are available this Thursday at 10:30 please let me know by posting here or sending me an email (dave@crossfitdurham.com). Feel free to ask questions as well.
  4. charlie Reply
    That was effing rad. What a difference a day of rest makes. I'm sure some punk kid is going to come along and destroy my time but that felt good. 13:17 Rx
  5. charlie Reply
    On an unrelated note: It dawned on me today, looking at all those poor 10 lb plates being bent and contorted when the bars they were on were dropped to the ground. That's gotta be rough on those plates. I remember looking at the one by the scale that was split in half and couldn't help but wonder if that's what happened. Wouldn't it make sense if the lighter bars were used along with 25# (or at least 15#) plates for people doing lighter weights? How light are the lightest bars?
    • Dave Reply
      That's a great idea, Charlie. The lightest bars are 15lb training bars. The recently broken 10lb plates were brand new and turned out to be a bad rubber mix from the manufacturer.....they've all been returned and replaced. The old ones are going strong
  6. charlie Reply
    Well, I didn't realize that was just a defective plate. None the less... 15# is perfect and allows you to do 65# with 25# plates which happens to be the same as the 45# bar with 10s. Plus, you look radder doing it, so you've got that going for you as well. And this doesn't even take into account those not being able to pick off the ground because they're using a 45# bar and small diameter 5# weights (thus making it so they have to initiate the lifts while holding the bar at their shins).
  7. Stew's nemesis (but not "psychic," Troie) Paul Reply
    I was tempted to de-friend Ashley after completing this WOD. 75 lb (i.e., non-Rx, and I'm okay with this) 11:50. I should've run much faster...
  8. Doug Reply
    the running was horrible. Getting to the top of the hill was the suck on rounds 5-8. 14:24 rx (not some punk kid by Paul's definition). The 2nd worst part, going from OH squat to back squat. Not great on the shoulders, and er, um, my hair kept getting caught in the bar and I didn't like it...
  9. Ashley Reply
    "Owwwwwwwie! My hair!" Poor Doug. :( That's what happens when you sandbag the push press. Hahaha. ;)
  10. Charlie Reply
    Doug, that was me. I know, all us old guys may as well be the same to you whipper snappers. Someday you to will feel like everyone is ready to put you out to pasture.
  11. Will H Reply
    Great WOD 6:15ers. Charlie quit downing yourself. U straight up murdered that WOD RX style. Tip for the ppl doing this one later today: work on the transitions from each lift before the WOD.
  12. Paul Reply
    Great but tough WOD. The running was brutal, esp. up the hill. 13:46 RX which was within about six seconds of some of you 6:15ers. Love complexes.
  13. Tom Amenta Reply
    Is it wrong that I'm looking at that picture of you Ashley and all I can think of is Elton John's song "Tiny Dancer"?
  14. Mike K Reply
    Had to do this one at my regular gym today...lame Started and stopped the timer myself, so that's included on my time...i actually thought about going with 115, but decided not to. 10:43 RX* *my 200m was flat I'll echo everyone else, practice the transitions before.
    • Dave Reply
      that was tough.....OHS in running shoes are MUCH harder than in weightlifting shoes. the run seemed to get longer every round
  15. Ashley Reply
    Did the "Ribbon Dancer" WOD - 12:37
  16. jonathan d Reply
    i love my wife. i love my wife. i love my wife. sorry, that's what i had to keep telling myself during this one. 15:56 Rx. the running sucked which just means we need to do more of it.
  17. Ashley Reply
    And I feel the same as Runner Paul. I should have been faster on the runs. Gabr and Jonathan said my complexes were all 21 sec or less which shows just how slow I was running.
  18. Ashley Reply
    I'm writing this from my phone so sorry for the typos...
  19. Mike K Reply
    I actually didn't mind running in my oly shoes
    • Dave Reply
      Still could use a couple of folks if available tomorrow morning at 10:30 to try out a new product. If you're interested please let me know!
  20. Stew's nemesis (but not "psychic," Troie) Paul Reply
    Ashley, I don't mean that I should've been faster during 200m runs, I mean that I shouldn't have held back, in other words, I should have run faster than I did so that I could've gotten a faster time. I took it far too easy on the first 5 rounds. When does our running training begin?
  21. jonathan d Reply
    all mine were 21 seconds or less too...oh wait, that was how long i stared at the bar before i picked it up. my mistake.
  22. Gabe Hall Reply
    Wow what a WOD ashley!!! was forced to do something that frustrates me OHS!! I needed that!!! 6pm or 7pm group ashleys transitions were simply amazing to watch on the lifts...one thing she did was full snatch to get the bar up and moving asap which eliminated that time consuming element of standing with the bar overhead and trying to find that "comfortable spot" for OHS that you will never find! 20.55 RX first time doing RX OHS in a WOD! This WOD was extremely challenging for me need to get better on just OHS instead of having to waste valuable precious crossfit minutes finding my center of gravity
  23. Gabe Hall Reply
    SUGGESTION!!! Coaches WOD WEEK once a month??? I think its awesome!!!
  24. Doug Reply
    @ Gabe Or, Members revenge, maybe have a week where each coach picks a WOD from the gym members suggestions.
  25. Charlie Reply
    Doug, the members revenge happens every other Sunday at Wallace Wade. It's just that none of the coaches have shown up yet. It's going down this Sunday again and I bet they're still all to skeered.
  26. lindsay hilll Reply
    Need to thank Ashley for running with me in the last 200 thouuugh she did put me through the torture so even? I enjoyed the liftiing aspect. But it reminded me how much my running sucks.
  27. Ashley Reply
    Paul, I'm down for a running lesson anytime! Just let me know what is best for you! :) Glad to hear from those of you who have posted that you enjoyed (hated?) the WOD. I have many more of those in my little bag of tricks, so hopefully we can do this again!
  28. cke Reply
    Charlie, I'm not a coach but yur WW starts at 8-9am on Sundays. Come on old man. Too early.
  29. Meaghan Reply
    Ashley - yes, I loved to hate this WOD! :) Though I am becoming a fan of OHS - wish we did more of them! Transitions were difficult for me, mostly the OHS to back squat...guess i need to work more on my should flexibility. 15:12 w/ 55#.
  30. Charlie Reply
    cke, it's at noon now
  31. cke Reply
    Yeehaw!! Look forward to joining you all, if not this Sunday definitely in the future. Thanks for organizing! Courtney

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