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Ring My Bell

Barbells For Boobs Workout coming October 15th! 

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WOD for Friday 100711Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Overhead Squat
21-15-9 For Time:
Overhead Squat (115/75)
Ring Dips

Post Overhead Squat Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 5 sets of 3 rep OHS taking the bar from the rack.  As the load gets heavy dump the bar from overhead rather than lowering it back to your shoulders.

For the conditioning workout, scale Ring Dips to Bar Dips.

OPEN GYM tonight from 7-7:45pm!  Make up a missed workout or work on your lifts!

Overhead Squat Prep from Kelly Starrett

  1. Bill Reply
    Either Tom Amenta or his long lost brother is featured on http://www.groupon.com/raleigh-durham/ today.
  2. Paul K Reply
    OH! So THAT's what they mean by "active shoulders." For whatever reason when Stew told us to "shrug them up" this morning, it finally clicked for me and made the reps much more stable! Worked my way up to 105 for 3RM. That's a 25lb increase over last time I worked at these! Of course, that means I burned myself up in the Strength session and scaled way back for the METCON. 65lb bar for the squats, blue band for the ring dips. Total time 7:26.
  3. Doug Reply
    I began my morning by challenging Brandon. He set a smokin' time of 5:24. Wendler Bench Press - 10 reps at 210 OHS - worked up to 165, didn't go too heavy here Metcon - not making excuses, but on rep 9 of the last set I dropped the bar on the way up from the bottom of the squat.... A group of yoga peeps were in the other room as I dropped a very loud "F" bomb. Bea felt embarrassed for me when they all looked into the room. 5:26 RX. I am pissed. I'll get you next time Brandon.
    • Dave Reply
      Hope everyone will make an effort to come to Sunday's WODs at 10 and 11am for a special cause: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171716452909972

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