Rock You Like A Hurricane -- WOD for 090310 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Rock You Like A Hurricane

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WOD for Friday 090310 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Handstand Pushups
5 sets of 5 reps
Warmup:  3 reps @40/50/60% 1RM
Work:  1 rep @75/85/95% 1RM, then 2-3 attempts at new 1RM
For Time:
Run 200m
50 KTE
Run 200m
40 KTE
Run 200m
30 KTE
Run 200m
20 KTE
Run 200m
10 KTE

Post Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 5 sets of 5 Handstand Pushups with as little assistance as possible.  If you can do full ROM then add a weight vest for additional load.   

For the Metcon, knees to elbows have the potential to be a very potent (ie, very debilitating) movement.  You may sub with lying down KTE, or Abmat Situps, though either of these options will likely also shorten your WOD time.     

OPEN GYM tonight from 7-8pm!  Make up a missed WOD or work on your lifts!

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  1. Ashey Reply
    Don't forget, today is Red Shirt Day!
  2. Paul P. Reply
    Ashley, I wore my red shirt. I'm just sayin'... Large group @ 8:15 session, and a great way to start a Friday. 12:23 Rx on rings. As this metcon included running, it will go down as one of my favorites. More running, please, Dave!
  3. Anna Reply
    Paul's watch must be off. It was 6:15. And, yes, it was a big group. I wore pink, which is kind of like red, but not really. I don't have any red workout shirts. I will soon rectify this situation. Paul, you did awesome on the rings. I think I should have tried that. My grip was gone from Fran last night. Thanks for running with me the last few rounds. You're a great motivator. Great job, everyone!
  4. shayne Reply
    i subbed lying down KTE for the WOD b/c there wasn't much space on the bar (and i can't really do KTE anyway). 12:47. first time i've ever *enjoyed* running. 200m sprints are fun! nice work to everyone who gutted out all (or most of) those KTEs on the bar - brutal! off to new england for a week so i'll see y'all next weekend. have a great labor day weekend everyone :)
  5. Dave Reply
    Paul -- you should have to sub rowing for every running WOD :)
  6. kiddo Reply
    Who can do HS push-ups with a weight vest? I want to see that, because that is badass!
  7. Paul P. Reply
    Dave -- Or I could run twice the Rx distance instead?
    • Dave Reply
      Paul -- I'm half teasing you....the same way I keep telling Gabe to stop benching and do more Overhead Squats. You're body is so programmed and efficient energy wise with running, you'd likely bump your intensity (therefore, fitness) level by doing a different form of cardio in the WODs.
  8. Mike K Reply
    Decided to do the mainpage WOD today. Linda @ Bodyweight of 172 (rounded to 175) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Bodyweight Bench (175) 1.5 Deadlift (260) .75 Clean (130) 20m 55s (PR by 5's been awhile) might go to open gym tonight and try to knock out 30 Muscle-Ups for time...haven't decided how lazy I wanna be yet.
  9. jonathan d Reply
    150 KTE is not fun. 20:58 Rx. can't wait to see how the abs feel tomorrow.
  10. Matt H Reply
    I had to be pushed off the couch from abs are destroyed. No rest till tuesday so whatever the next 3 days hold should be interesting 17 something rx'd.
  11. Britton B Reply
    16:13 with K2E on the floor it was terrible and awesome, all at the same time

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