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Roll 'Em Up

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The gym will be CLOSED on Saturday for the Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting Seminar!

WOD for Friday 101510 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps For Time:

Knees To Elbows

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  1. Paul Po. Reply
    Stew led 6:15 group in dynamic stretching & foam rolling session. I wonder what passersby thought of sounds emanating from room. I'm talking to you, Max and Griff. Rx on rings, 8:55. While thinking about tomorrow's weightlifting seminar, I peed a little. I'm not sure if this was caused by fear or excitement.
  2. Jonathan Johnson Reply
    @Paul. Don't feel bad. My puppy does the same thing when company comes over. Did this one at home. 13:35. Burpees on a wood deck less fun than normal. Really need to work on stringing together KTE's. I guess I need to control the way down more. As I get tired I start swinging and then its much more work than necessary. But dropping off the bar each time from 15 on down really slowed me down. Tips? (other than be tall enough so that your feet reach the ground)
  3. Doug Reply
    @JJ. I've always done my TTB and KTE on the lower bar because I can stop my swing by dragging my feet. Is that cheating? It certainly seems like an unfair advantage, but then again my limbs are really long and I have a longer way to travel. At the December challenge last year, we had no choice but to be on the low bar. For those who have competed, thoughts? Dave thoughts on RX with feet that can touch the ground....
    • Dave Reply
      good question, Doug. I think in an ideal situation the RX'd ROM would be from full straight arm, straight leg hang up to the top, you should hang from the higher bar. we'll take this into consideration at the Challenge this year if there are KTE :)
  4. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    I have short limbs, so using feet at the bottom has never even been an option. What works for me (until I get tired) is to have your shoulders absorb the momentum at the bottom. Example of what I mean: Other people seem to have success by eccentrically contracting their abs on the way down, but this seems slower:
  5. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    Dave is being sneaky! I bet if we have a movement like this it'll be toes to bar since it's easier to judge. I'd sooner practice those than KTE for that reason alone.
    • Dave Reply
      Me? Sneaky?? I don't think KTE are really harder to judge...either your knees and elbows meet at the point or not :)
      • Dave Reply
        REMINDER! The gym is CLOSED tomorrow because we're hosting the Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting Seminar! This means there will be NO WODs....although I will post a WOD for everyone to do at home :)
        • Dave Reply
          If you're planning on competing in the Carolina Fitness Challenge, Early Bird registration ends today! There are fewer than 40 competitor spots left. Don't miss out if you plan on competing....we won't be able to squeeze in anybody once we hit 150 athletes!
  6. Ashley Reply
    Great job to all the morning classes! And congrats to Theo for holding a ring hold for 41 (or was it 42?) seconds! Nice work! My Stuff... Ran a 20 min run for distance. Not really sure the distance though... ran from our house on Green to East Campus and almost 1 and 1/2 times around. Rest 6+ hours 5 Rounds: 20 Back Squats 135/95 20 Burpees 11:09 Ugh.
  7. Murphie Reply
    Hey! Patrick and Kara- SO good to see you guys! I probably already told everyone, but just in case, I also just wanted to let everyone know about the arm wrestling competition tomorrow night at 9:00 at Casbah. 1007 West Main Street, Durham. $10 at the door. Cash bar. All proceeds benefit Instepp of Durham. Great cause. Great fun. Hope you can make it out!!

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