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Row, You Jerk

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Push Press
Warmup:  Perform 5 reps @ 40%, 50%, 60% 1RM
Work Sets:  4 sets of 2 Reps @ 85% and then 1 set of max reps @ 85%
For Time:
Row 500m
30 Push/Split Jerks (65% 1RM)
Row 500m

The bar starts on the ground.  Anytime it touches the ground you must do 5 Burpees before picking it back up.  You can rest in the rack position or on the back of the neck. 

Post Push Press Loads and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, you will do four warmup sets for the Push Press followed by 5 work sets at 85% 1RM.  Note that the fifth set is for max reps at 85% 1RM.  U
se common sense, good judgement, for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  Movements must be performed with full ROM and should be Push Presses not Jerks.   

Finish this sentence:  “Scaling a WOD is _____________”.  Post answer to comments.

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Do you confuse the Push Press and Push Jerk?  Maybe this will help you see the difference!

  1. Phil B Reply
    Speaking of the push press, I've been reading a bit about why the press was banned from Olympic weightlifting after 1972. Apparently there was so much mobility and motion in the back prior to the lift that it was very hard to distinguish from the push press. I found a couple of extreme examples linked below. Serge Redding world record clean & press: Vasily Aleksey breaking Serge's record a few minutes later: Damn if that second video wasn't a push press at the end.
  2. Phil B Reply
    Also: Scaling a WOD is what happens when you let your ego take a back seat and start lifting with real integrity.
  3. Rich Reply
    Scaling a WOD is smart training. Be thoughtful and honest about how you can best improve your physical health. Injuries only set you back further.
  4. Tom Reply
    Scaling a WOD is the epicenter of the line between hard and stupid. If you're scaling out of fear or worry you're cheating yourself out of the mental conditioning required to push through barriers and acomplish the goal. Scaling because you're not feeling it that day or because you want to say you're 30 seconds faster does nothing for you and moving you mentally to the places you need to be to get better, embrace the suck. If you're not scaling because you want an RX by your name (not that I've ever done this or anything Tom looks away and whistles dixie) or because you want people to think you're a bad ass, even if your form goes to shit three movements in, you're stupid and are doing nothing but risking hurting yourself. Not to mention you're giving yourself bad habits which will take longer to correct. Question for the instructors: Thoughts on scaling back mid-WOD if you realize you've really bitten off more than you can chew?
  5. Julia Reply
    Scaling a WOD is, though this sounds cheesy, what brings us all together. And what allows us to better ourselves as a community. Scaling a WOD is a representation of the culture of Crossfit Durham, a culture of development. And finally, scaling a WOD is a catalyst for change.
  6. Becca Y Reply
    Scaling a WOD is like driving a mini-van rather than a sports car; it's safe and very functional.
  7. Bea Reply
    Tom, If you do not scale mid WOD when you realize it is too much than you are setting yourself up for injury..... or worse. Take it from someone who has just dealt with a very scary situation after someone pushed way too hard. You know who you are. :) The problem we have as CrossFitters, is not knowing our limits. I really like the way that Dave has been posting the WODs; a percentage of your 1 rep max instead of this arbitrary number is Rx.
  8. Ashley D Reply
    i have so much to say about scaling that i think it will be my next blog post. ha! :)
  9. Keith Reply
    Scaling a WOD is often the only way to achieve proper WOD-wide form. Form is the key component in improvement. In fact many critics of the Crossfit method argue that Crossfit WODs encourage speed to the point of sacrificing form. This is only true if one is overly obsessed with achieving the best time at Rx. I have been more obsessed with achieve perfect form of late, and welcome any coaching on the matter from any/all of you Crossfitters (please help!)
  10. cke Reply
    "Scaling a woc is - my usual m.o." Dave …on the question front, I’d be interested in knowing the following so perhap you can pose sometime - How many folks perfer weekday (lunch timie) wod that starts around 12-12:15ish? I sure would and raise my hand to this. For the 8-5ers amounghts us 11:30 weekday wod is limiting …not-so-a good.
  11. Melinda Reply
    Scaling a WOD lets me be an athlete too. The only danger here is over scaling - I tend to underestimate my abilities and sandbag. The Rx is something to aim for. Sometimes it is a hard to know what the right scaling should be. Dave used to tell me I was coming to the gym for me not for anyone else and that I was responsible for getting the most I could out of a WOD. I still think that is true but I don't always remember this. There have been remarks here or there about those that scale, but I don't think that happens anymore. I think we are all pretty supportive of one another.
  12. Dave Reply
    Good question, Courtney. I will post soon. Generally, the 11:30 class is the 2nd busiest of the day

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