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Run and Gun

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WOD for Wednesday 080311Click Here For Today’s Schedule
2 Clean Pulls + 1 Full Clean
7 sets
For Time:
Run 400m
100 KB Swings (52/35) – American or Russian
Run 400m

Post Pullup Loads and Metcon Pullup Reps to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 7 sets (or so) of a complex of 2 Clean Pulls + 1 Full Clean. You can/should reset for each rep of each complex, but do not not rest until you’ve completed all three reps.

In the conditioning workout, perform either type of swing (your choice), scale the load (up or down) as necessary, Sprint each 400m as hard as you can.

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Clean Pull Technique (you don’t need to go quite this slow)

  1. Paul (Yes, THAT Paul) Reply
    Dave, if you don't mind, I think I'll sprint instead of spring. Uhm, "aka" stands for "also known as". This should have been "i.e.," roughly translated to mean "in other words". Do our mouths really have to be open? Is this some secret I'm just now being made aware of? Finally, who is Mike K. and why is he posting his results for a WOD that we didn't even do? Does he even belong to CFD? Thank you for your time and attention.
  2. Doug Reply
    Revenge of the Lunges. I had some serious posterior chain soreness today. Worked up to 215 on the clean pulls/squat clean and kept failing at the clean. For the Metcon, 6:11 RX with Russian swings, a full 30 seconds slower than the last time we did this. Last time unbroken, this time sets of 60, 10, 10 and 20.
  3. Ashley Denton Reply
    Holly B. and I were talking this morning. Men aren't the only oly litters out there, ya know. Where are the posters of the female oly lifters? Looking at pictures of 300 lb men wearing spandex while lifting isn't really all that motivating when you're a female. And my husband just added, "or a male.". Let's get some pics of some people who are fit up there. I don't even know who those big boys are.
    • Dave Reply
      If you can find them on the internet or elsewhere and we'll get them. I think we have every poster of olympic weightlifting for sale on the internet. Also, a few other ladies have mentioned this and I know Bea is willing to take pics of ANY of our fabulous female athletes and coaches to be framed and displayed in the gym. Any takers? I'd love to take some jpg's of female lifters or even games athletes from online and put them up. but i'm not sure how to affordably turn those into posters. open to ideas.
  4. Ashley Denton Reply
    So, why not buy a couple then and put them up in the gym?
    • Dave Reply
      a couple of what? we already have every olympic lifting poster i can find online.
  5. Holly B Reply
    It does not need to be a female oly lifter- but a female athlete or two to balance it out would be nice... We have gotten some big prints made at Costco which were really quite inexpensive.
    • Dave Reply
      Holly, any idea on a ballpark cost for 20x30? can we just give them a .jpg?
    • Dave Reply
      Also, to everyone, there are a lot of big changes in our near future. Adding women to the walls is on the list. Stay tuned...
  6. Ashley Denton Reply
    You mentioned there are pics of female oly lifters all over the internets. I was talking about a coupe of pictures of them.
    • Dave Reply
      re-read what i wrote. i said the exact opposite. that the only posters ive found online for oly lifting were of guys...some of the big champions. i said if you can find the ones of women i'll get some. maybe you'll have better luck searching than me.
  7. Ashley Denton Reply
    Well poo poo to the oly world then. Bea, what would some small posters (or big pictures) cost?
  8. Rachel Reply
    Just google "Sage Burgener" or "women weightlifters" or "professional women athletes" or your athlete of choice, and click on images on the left. The hard part is not finding them, but finding them CC-licensed so you are allowed to have copies made...for that you may have better luck on flickr.
    • Dave Reply
      The issue is not finding images. There's a gazillion of them. Its finding them as "for sale" posters/prints.
  9. Ashley Denton Reply
    Thanks, Rachel! I'm finally home now, so I'll do some digging. I know I've seen pics of women oly lifters before. I misunderstood Dave earlier, but they *are* all over the internet. Unfortunately, I'm sure the only pics for sale are of the men. Pfft. Typical.
  10. Rachel Reply
    It'd be nice if CrossFit HQ would cc license pictures from the Games. There are lots of places to get them printed up.
  11. Phil Bost Reply
  12. Ashley Denton Reply
    Hmmmm. My thinking cap is on. I may be able to work something out.
  13. Ashley Denton Reply
    Thanks, Phil! The Flickr stream has some great pics. I don't see why we couldn't print off some of those. I'm still looking into the CF Games pics.
    • Dave Reply
      I found this site to make posters. This would probably work. Although it makes you add some sort of title and text to the poster. This is where we got the "worldwide handstands" poster we have over the KB racks:
  14. Phil Bost Reply
    Klemens sells 8x10s for ~18 bucks a piece. Could probably hi-res scan an 8x10 and then print it on bigger stock.
  15. Kristen Reply
    The title for each poster of women weightlifting should be "Hercu-Lisa," obviously.
  16. Cliffnov Reply
    the main problem with internet pictures is that they are usually low enough resolution that they look really cheap when printed, much less blown up to poster size. That said, I'll keep my eyes peeled for good images.
  17. Cliffnov Reply
    This guy's got some higher-resolution pictures. They aren't Creative Commons licensed, but you might be able to contact the photographer.
  18. Cliffnov Reply
    Better yet, here's the kind of resolution you really want. If you do a google image search, you can filter by resolution. Set it to > 6MP and you should be good to go.
  19. Phil Bost Reply
    Thanks Cliff. This is my favorite:
  20. Cliffnov Reply
    I like this guy (not a woman):
  21. Phil Bost Reply
    That's holy chalk he's using.
    • Dave Reply
      No comments on today's blog title? maybe i'm getting too old

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