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Scarier Than A Stephen King Novel

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**Survey Question Of The Day**
Are you in “The Zone”?  We are trying to learn how many of our CrossFitters are following “The Zone”.  Are you “Zoning”?  Eating Paleo?  Measuring blocks?  What might we do to help the CrossFit Durham community more with nutrition issues?  Please share your feedback to comments. 

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WOD for Tuesday 090804Today’s Schedule — Click Here
Warmup, then make 1 attempt at 20 reps with 65% of your most recent 1RM
3 Rounds For Time: 
Row 500m
12 Deadlifts (bodyweight)
21 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
The goal is to finish this WOD in under 15 minutes.  Weights and box height should be scaled to allow you to finish within this time frame.

Post Loads, Scaling Used, and Time to Comments  

Fitness/Nutrition “Food For Thought” Article Links
Eat Stop Eat vs. The Warrior Diet
The Energy Balance Equation
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Mike P is gettin’ some Deadlifts!

  1. Sarah D Reply
    Is it just me, or did "Stabilize Your Core Like a Muthaf*&%er" just disappear into thin air? Hmm...
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      It was a figment, Sarah ;) Actually, I just made a mistake and posted the wrong day's WOD....Stabilize The Midline will return later this week. Everyone will have fun with some deadlifts and "Christine" first
  2. Sara C Reply
    I do not follow the paleo or zone general, I try to eat fresh, local, and unprocessed. until recently I was focused on gaining lean mass; i've switched to wanting to drop weight (lightweight v. heavyweight rowing). since this means i have to lose weight and be as powerful as possible while as lean as possible, i would be interested in how effective the zone/paleo diet is for endurance athletes...
  3. Sarah D Reply
    Sara C-- I'd be happy to convert you to a zoner. It looks like it would easily fit your goals right now. Feel free to pick my brain anytime :) 6:15 class was fun as always. Did 205 x 20 for Deadlifts pre WOD. WOD in 9:52, using 125lbs for DLs. Christine is tough!
  4. B. Kiddo Reply
    Sarah, please stop deserting us for the morning class. I have a zone question. Rich is going to hike a bit of the AT this weekend. Can you suggest some zone stuff that will be light to carry and not go bad?
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Bea, how bout paleo kits? they're shrink wrapped, so they keep fresh
      • Dave Rubin Reply
        I plugged today's WOD in to the Catalyst Athletics Power Output Calculator using average male and female CrossFitter's size and weight. Here's what it comes up with using different weights for the deadlifts. For those who were in class last night, you'll see a pattern starting to develop. Power Output Options for "Christine" Male 5'10, 175lbs RX'd in 8 minutes -- 68 watts w/155lbs in 10 minutes -- 65 watts w/135 in 10 minutes -- 62 watts RX'd in 12 minutes -- 57 watts RX'd in 15 minutes -- 46 watts Female, 5'5, 135lbs RX'd in 8 minutes -- 60 watts w/95lbs in 8 minutes -- 54 watts w/115lbs in 10 minutes -- 46 watts w/95lbs in 10 minutes -- 43 watts RX'd in 12 minutes -- 40 watts RX'd in 15 minutes -- 32 watts
  5. B. Kiddo Reply
    We do not eat beef, so Paleo kits are out.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      it's not's beef jerky ;)
      • Dave Rubin Reply
        Dori made a suggestion on yesterday's comments...thanks, Dori....about integrating a place in the site for Zone/Paleo recipes. I'm still working on figuring out how to put our own list together, but in the meantime I added two great Recipe Links under the Nutrition Links section in the right sidebar. let me know what you think. happy cooking
  6. Matt H Reply
    20 deadlifts at 235 wod: 12.52/ 185 deadlifts did get backed up on the rowers for a bit, so maybe a little bit faster
  7. becky Reply
    hmm...pretty sure it's not the DL weight that would prevent me from hitting sub 10 minutes (at a blistering pace (for me) the rows would be 6+ and box jumps 3+ minutes)...won't get to find out though because it is a well-deserved rest day. i AM very glad the core workout is coming later in the week - was sad to miss it! also, i'm considering changing up my diet a little because i signed up for the mid-atlantic hopper challenge and REALLY want to be able to do everything RX the way it comes out of the hopper. which means i need to get crazy strong! :)
  8. Becky N Reply
    This WOD kicked my butt pretty good and I think if I did it again I would drop my deadlift weight down. I did the 20 DL at 120lbs. Then started the WOD with body weight DL for the first set, 130 lbs, but that turned out to be too heavy so i went to 125lb for the second and third set. My time was 16 something. I am awful at remembering my times. All in all I think I would have gotten more out of the WOD if I dropped the DL weight down to 110Lbs and kept my speed up.
  9. lindsay hill Reply
    so today was so full...we started out with a 400m run which almost resulted in a fight because a durhamite decided to comment on what might motivate john to run behind me...john didn't like that. finished my 20 deadlifts at 150, which was worse than i thought it was going to be, but not as terrible as it could have been. then it got to the wod. i started out at 150, which would have been fine if there were no time limit but given my lung capacity, and the fact that it takes me forever to row and box jump, greg dropped me down to 130, and i still finished in 19something. speed has never (ever) been my strength...and i guess i realize i have been leisurely crossfitting lately, and now i gotta suck it up and get faster... as far as diet goes, i try to eat clean/paleoish but can't/don't wanna give up dairy. i have allowed myself to cheat (kinda a lot) but the hill family has decided to do better. i am interested to see zone results, but don't enjoy meal planning so recipes/meal suggestions would be awesome for the website. (especially since john thought we might do the zone, but i would have to plan out everything he would eat...we haven't been married long enough for me to get excited about that)
  10. Dori Reply
    Quote from Lindsay Hill, "especially since john thought we might do the zone, but i would have to plan out everything he would eat" hmmm....that sounds familiar. Jack still can't seem to figure out the blocks which means I have to plan out both of our meals which are different sizes. It's kind of a pain. But, once you get used to whole block thing its actually really easy. I just bought the zone recipe book and it has a slow cooker section which I'm super excited about because we do the 6pm WOD and after we get home I'm too tired and its too late to cook.
  11. Basil Reply
    DL 20 reps @ 225# WOD with 180# body weight, 14:56. The DLs killed me, not good for tall people.
  12. Melinda Reply
    Bodyweight, ha - you're funny. Did the WOD at 120 lb DLs. I think I finished in 15 something. I couldn't get the DLs after the WOD - I didn't have much "left in the tank". I think I got 13 at 120lb. I hate DL, but remember a time when 95lbs was too much. So perspective... As for diet, I do Weight Watchers. GASP! Not the zone, no. However, I utilize much of the zone concepts for just about every meal / snack except dinner. I want grains and veggies at dinner. I run out of blocks for that. Interestingly though, when I did zone consistently, I kept going to WW (for accountability) and it was about the same points to block ratio. Points are WW version of blocks. So it works for me. But I do seem to have the same zone breakfast / lunch all of the time, which is probably no good for the metabolism. But I don't know that. So more education would be great.
  13. Dave Rubin Reply
    Melinda, some of the most hardcore zoners eat exactly the same thing at just about every meal, everyday. check with Sarah on this one :)
  14. B. Kiddo Reply
    I thought doing my body weight for this WOD would be no problem because it is about 50 lbs less than my 1 rep max. I was wrong. It took me 16:20. I am not sure if I can really blame the body weight DL on my pokeyness. It was more likely my very slow rowing. I did it though, all 3 rounds at body weight.
  15. john hill Reply
    did my deadlifts at 275 straight through, and christine in 15:15 w/185. the box jumps were the killer for me. sounds like jack understands what a great wife he has who would do a better job organizing zone friendly dining than he would(wink wink). looking forward to seeing how the zone works for the hill family
  16. B. Kiddo Reply
    I am not buying it. I know that all 3 of us have smart enough husbands that they could figure it out. You do not make it through a law degree or a PhD and not know how to read. I only give in because of a phone call I got at work about 3 years ago. It went something like this: "Bea, I am a master chef! I just invented the best thing ever! I take a slice of toast put Nutela on it then bananas, then sprinkle with sugar, the use the blow torch (an actual blow torch not a cooking torch) to caramelize the sugar". To prevent my house from burning down, I cook.

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