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Show Me Your Snatch

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Thursday 090625

5, 5, 5
Row 500m
21 Power Snatches (95/65)
Row 250m
15 Power Snatches
Row 125m
9 Power Snatches

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Congratulations to Allison, aka Kipmaster B, for completing the Tri Latta Triathlon on June 14th!  Way to go!!!Tri_Latta_2009_0021

  1. Matt H Reply
    hahahahahaha.....clever title and even funnier if you look at the title to the first fitness article something tells me I wont be laughing come 12pm....
  2. Allison B Reply
    First, thanks for the shout out!! I appreciated every call, text, email, and facebook post I got before and after the race! You guys really are AWESOME!! And back to the present... Got to 80 on the skill work. My form still needs A LOT of work. Thanks, Mandy, for the encouragement and for showing me how it SHOULD be done! You're amazing. I would call my performance on the WOD slow but steady. Finished in 15 something at Rx. I'm psyched... this was the first snatch workout that I've done Rx! Now time to get a little (okay a lot) faster! Great work 6:15! Ali and Sarah... way to kill the row!
  3. Ali Y Reply
    Congrats to our little triathlete! I am in awe of you Al. I can't wait to Rx the weight - I was at 50# for the WOD. My form needs work too. Mandy? You giving any form sessions anytime soon??!!
  4. lindsay hill Reply
    so today was not as terrible for me as the rest of the week has up to a shaky 95# and used 65 for the wod...finished in 13:57...
  5. Matt H Reply
    1. 95 2. 115 3. 125 wod in 9.16 rx'd (compared to Barbara and Badger this workout wasn't as bad, until I sat through 3 hours of Italian film class and walked to the bathroom like Quasimodo I decided that maybe it was a little harder than I thought) for the first time since I started training at CF Durham I wasn't pissed off after I did my olympic lifts. These have been the most difficult for me and the most frustrating.....thanks Chad and Dave for saying the right things that some how seemed to sink into my stubborn ass head. Still have a long way to go though.......

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