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410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233


Register for “Bailing Class” this Saturday!  It’s FREE!

Got a nagging injury or ailment?  You NEED to attend the Z-Fit Seminar on March 19th!

WOD for Friday 031111 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Pistol with Roll
Take 20 minutes to work on these
Video here
In 3 minutes, complete the following:
Run 400m
Max Reps Air Squats/Pushups

You will perform six cycles total with 3 minutes rest between cycles. Cycle #1, #3, and #5 will be max reps Air Squats. Cycles #2, #4, and #6 are max reps Pushups. Score reps for each cycle.

Post Press Loads and Metcon Reps to Comments
For the gymnastics strength segment,  we are working on parallette pushups.  Do them with your feet elevated on a box.  How high is up to you.  Work in sets of 3 reps.  Make each rep count.  Rest as needed.  This is more about proper technique than just getting as many reps as you can.  Get GOOD reps!  

OPEN GYM tonight from 7-8pm!  Make up a missed WOD or work on your lifts!

Would you be interested in a CFD group outing to a Durham Bulls game some time this Spring?  Terrace box tickets and some food/drink included?  Please post answer to comments

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CrossFit Bootcamp – (M/W/F @6:15am)
CrossFit Bootcamp – (M/W/F @7:15am)
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Weight Loss Bootcamp– (M/W/F @7:00pm)

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Starting March 29th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm) – Only 3 spots left!
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Upcoming Events
Bailing Seminar — Sat, March 12th
Z-Fit Joint Mobility Seminar — Sat, March 19th
Nutrition Guide Rollout and Q&A — Sat, March 26th

Mikko Salo, 2009 CF Games Champion

  1. chris t Reply
    bull durham = word
  2. Monster Mats Reply
    Did back squats today since I'm going to miss Sunday's WOD: 3 x 160lb, 3 x 185lb, 11 x 205lb. I think I underestimated my 1RM. I used a 25lb vest for the metcon. 208 total squats (69/75/74), 63 total pushups (21/21/21). My pushups need work.
  3. Doug Reply
    Totally down for a XFit Durham/Durham Bulls extravaganza. Box + food sounds great to me, so count me in First day back from being sick, I made up my Press lifting from Tuesday, no Metcon (very disappointing, this looked like a fantastic workout). Hopefully will be Wod'ing tomorrow
  4. Anna C Reply
    count me in for the Bulls game!
  5. Ashley D Reply
    Did a WOD called "any means necessary" and I have to say I wasn't a fan, which surprised me b/c I usually love stuff like this. I had absolutely zero energy and I'm wondering if the deep tissue massage i had yesterday could be to blame. Does anyone know anything about that type of thing? 50 front squats unbroken 50 push press 50 back squats 50 OHS 50 thrusters Weight 45/55 Rules for unbroken: if at any time bar touches ground or you rest more than 10 sec, you automatically have to drop and do 5 burpees before you continue. A 30 sec rest is permitted between each 50 rep movement. I don't really know my time. The clock stopped at 15:00 min. I'm guessing it was somewhere around 16:45.
  6. Ashley D Reply
    Sortry, weight was 45 girls/ 65 guys.
  7. kiddo Reply
    Those pistol things look like fun
  8. Channa Reply
    Ashley - I'm no expert, but I believe your performance could have been affected by your recent deep tissue massage. All the built of deposits of minerals and toxins are moved or released in that kind of massage. Just a thought...
    • Dave Reply
      Ashley, it could be that you picked an absolutely horrid WOD ;)
  9. Ashley D Reply
    Haha, yeah possibly. It did suck pretty bad. :) However, I've done way worse than this before without feeling absolutely spent during the process. I was just running on empty today.
  10. Ashley D Reply
    hey guys! i really want to encourage everyone to participate in the opens. remember the whole "competition" post from erin that dave posted a while back? there really is no reason not to participate. it's good experience and a lot of fun. there is only 1 wod a week, so it's not like you're going to need to change up your whole life to do the opens. come one guys! let's do this together. i really can't believe that we only have 4 people from CFD signed up so far. nothing has been posted on the CFD blog or facebook page about it in a while, but that doesn't mean that it's no longer taking place. be excited about it and have fun!
    • Dave Reply
      I will be programming the WODs every Saturday for everyone to do, so may as well sign up and let's see how everyone stacks up against the world!
  11. The Honey Badger Reply
    Michael Kelley asked me to do so, and I said "no." I hate Michael Kelley. Ashely is friend's with Michael Kelley, so I still siad "no" when she asked me to do so. If Amy or Kristen ask me, I will say "yes." If Phillip asks me, I'll know it's because Erin is out of town. (I'll still say "yes.")
  12. The Honey Badger Reply
    Said, not siad. I had two beers tonight. Leave me alone. (You, too, Stew.)
  13. Cobra Bost Reply
    Paul, will you compete?

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