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Smooth And Steady

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WOD for Tuesday 040312Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Turkish Get Up
For Time:
10 Muscle Ups
10 Snatch (95/65)
8 Muscle Ups
8 Snatch
6 Muscle Ups
6 Snatch
4 Muscle Ups
4 Snatch
2 Muscle Ups
2 Snatch

50 GHD Back Extensions

Post TGU Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 1 rep on each arm and work up to the heaviest TGU you can get for the day.  Do not be sloppy with your form and remember that a TGU doesn’t end when you’ve stood up.  You must return safely to your back on the ground.

For the conditioning workout, sub jumping MUs or band MUs as necessary.  The Snatches should be received in a full overhead squat and stood to full knee and hip extension before starting the next rep.  After you’ve caught your breath from the workout, perform 50 strict GHD Back Extensions.  You can add weight if you choose and do not have to do all 50 reps straight through.

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  1. Paul K Reply
    Whoo! Tough WOD Worked up to 62# on TGU's both sides. Left side was very wobbly. If I have to use 2 hands to press the kettle bell from the floor to the locked out position, is that a no-rep? METCON 12:15 at 75# for the snatch and a combination of band assisted muscle ups, then band assisted ring dips. After the round of 8, I had absolutely no pull left in the rings.
  2. Troie Reply
    Great work continue to improve noticeably everyday. To answer your question, that still counts as a rep in my book. Decided to try the bar for TGUs today and it went well. Worked up to 70#s for 1 rep on each side. The left struggled but it went up and then it went down. Loved the WOD...12:12 Rx. For all you Jesse James' out there, I just might have to jump on the band wagon...
  3. Justin clements Reply
    This was the toughest wod for me for the past couple weeks. I really pushed myself to get as many muscle ups as possible. Made it to 15, a new PR! Took some time and some missed reps and was last to finish. Worth the progress! New goal is to string them together! Scaled down to jumping MU.

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