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Smooth Criminal

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“Annie Are You OK?”
Row for calories
Thrusters (65/45) 
Med Ball Cleans (20/12)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (65/45)
Wall Ball (20/12)
The goal is to finish this WOD in 20 minutes or less.  Loads should be scaled to allow you to finish within this time frame.

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**Survey Question Of The Day**
What do you think about to get through a really grueling WOD (which would be all of them, btw)?  Post your answers to comments. 

Monday night Endurance WOD crew….3-2-1-GO!

  1. Matt H Reply
    This workout looks kickass! What i think about during WOD (not in this order all the time): at the beginning of the workout.... 1. strategy on being the fastest after I write it down and warm up... 2. going back to bed a few minutes into it... 3. throwing up towards the end... 4. who's ahead or close and trying to finish quicker 5. throwing up and wondering why i do this right at the end.... 6. everything hurts and pushing through that wall of pain (usually thinking about things that piss me off can get me through it) end of workout.... 7. still alive..guess I'll do it again tomorrow
  2. B. Kiddo Reply
    I seem to remember thinking.... No, I am not okay.
  3. Sara C Reply
    Hahahahaha oh the things that go through your mind... To sum it up quickly, on bad days I think of how I'm FEELING. On good days I think about what I'm DOING. I believe you can only consciously process one thought at a time...I try to avoid the pain thoughts...with that in mind, here are some of the crazy games I play: 1. I do the alphabet for each rep/stroke/stride...A, B, C, D...won't, you, sing, a, long, with, me? 2. I repeat different sentences in my head for each round, one word/one rep. Ex. Round 1: I, am, a, fucking, championX5 gets you 25 reps. (big believer in positive self talk) 3. I count to 5 and back down. then to 10 and back down. then to 15 and back down...u get the idea. 4. And when the black dots appear and I can't process logical thought, I think about form, technique, and Breathing.
  4. Sara C Reply
    ps I also cheer for might sometimes hear me be like "yeah" or "let's go" and clap my hands a few time...always about attacking, attacking, attacking.
  5. Matt H Reply
    hahahaha......thats funny, I talk to myself too. as if doing this stuff isnt crazy enough
  6. Chad E Reply
    I think about other people who are way more bad@$$ than myself (i.e., Navy SEALs, Sarah Dunsmore, or Clay Aiken). I also think about that euphoria after I call "Time!" and crumple to the floor.
  7. Landy Reply
    haha, this is going to be an interesting survey... whenever we're running the 400m, I sing this really stupid kids song to myself. It's repetitive and rythmic and easy to remember. Anyone know "Rare Bog Rattlin' Bog?" when i'm doing reps, I think about nothing but the number that i'm on. if i have to pause for a breath I will repeat that number over and, "5, 5, 5, 5, 5." and that's it. Something about focusing on such a small thing helps me block out the pain/nausea/misery I'm feeling.
  8. Becky N Reply
    i count reps and I talk to myself. I tell my self how many reps I have left and I try to tell myself I will be happier when this is done. I think i might try some of y'all little tricks though - just to change things up.
  9. becky Reply
    depends on the reps/exercise, but for counting: - count down (not up) - count up to the halfway point and then go back down...i find this is especially useful with all the odd numbers we have (angie messed me up with the even 100s) - constantly dividing into manageable smaller sets - i.e., if it is a set of 21 and i'm exhausted: think 7 sets of 3...get to 3 and try to push for 7 push toward 11 (over halfway!) if you can, otherwise break, take 3 breaths, and go again overall general approach is to try to set a solid pace and stick with it - aim for as little variation as possible across rounds. doing the math is also a nice distraction. this is generally a little easier to push for on days i'm feeling mentally and physically good! might have to borrow other approaches to see if they help on the days i don't feel so awesome
  10. B. Kiddo Reply
    Clay Aiken? I listen to booty music when I think it is going to be really bad. You know, things like "Move B!$@h Get Out the Way" or "You Can Do it Put Your @$$ into It".
  11. chris t Reply
    I usually psyche myself by reminding myself i am about to listen to some great tracks by BUSH and GREEN DAY... Then I remind myself that this isn't basic training, I'm in the freaking infantry, and suck it up. I also try to plan ahead. I'm a big believer in going 99.99% of all out so there is always a little more in the tank for the finish. Positive self affirmations spring up here and there, but they are always voiced by the invisible drill instructor who says things like "you're grandmother could do better Taylor". I'm not trying to tear myself down, but rather build my grandmother up.. that woman is a rock! Lastly, I think about how this is going to pay off. When i'm marching or doing PT for Officer Candidacy School, I know I'll have a slight edge on the rest of the candidates because I've taken the time to workout with you all. There is your warm and fuzzy. :)
  12. Matt H Reply
    loved the WOD.....14.44 (65# for sdhp/thrusters, 2o# for med ball stuff) Really liking the new approach to doing the WOD's! Which leads me to a question (this is for whoever) do they decide what rx'd is? is it based on average body size and what should be done, or is there some man beast at the headquarters who sets the standard?? This kinds of confuses me as far as why would rx'd be 135# per say when its the same for a 150 pound person and a 225 pound person.....I just think thats kind of strange. It makes sense for competition purposes....maybe someone can answer this for me??
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Matt, the RX'd weights are set for a 175lb male intermediate/advanced level CrossFitter, who's been training for at least 6 months. Most WODs have an expected time domain...."Fran" should be 3-5 minutes, for example. if you can't do Fran RX in 3-5 minutes then the weight or pullups should be scaled. technically if someone is 225lbs they should be looking at scaling up the weights. and someone at 150lbs could actually look at scaling down. Good question as it actually ties in well to the discussions we've started having this week about power output. When you get to the CrossFit Games everyone has the same RX, which tends to average out the big guys and small guys over several events. But in everyday training, what is the purpose? To do workouts RX'd and have RX written next to your name or to get more "fit"?
  13. Matt H Reply
    Thanks! The more "fit" part is why I'm liking the new system. While I'm extremely competitive, it was frustrating doing a WOD with say a 135# snatch (hahaha)and not being able to do it. I know it will eventually come with time, but it would annoy the hell out of me that I wouldn't get rx'd because I couldn't do that one particular exercise at that weight. I was risking injury and just getting bad form and bad habits for the future. Sometimes Id go home feeling like I worked hard but not like I should have felt if i could have ripped through it faster because I was more concerned with you were saying how you wanted to replicate the feeling we get after we finish Fran for example after every workout.....I'm all for that! If I curl up in a ball on my bed after I finish training then I know Ive worked hard. I want that every time.... That's whats going to help me accomplish my future ultra distance goals, as well as helping to branch into other things. I'm still stubborn and will always try to do rx'd, but its good to know emphasis isn't placed solely on that.....thanks for getting back on my question!!
  14. Shane F Reply
    I just say to myself, the "discomfort" is normal, its supposed to happen, focus on staying strong, keeping my composure and DEAL WITH IT. The longer you go without breaks the sooner you're done. I need to find a better strategy for AMRAPS, I pace myself too much on those.
  15. Melinda Reply
    Um, is it just me or did this WOD totally suck? I tried to find any, and I mean, any good excuse to not come today. But I couldn't find one, so I showed up. I feel like I went backwards - using 6lb medicine balls and 40 pound thrusters and still finished in over 25 minutes. SUCK! Which brings me to today's topic - if you tell yourself this is going to suck, its going to suck! I've gotta try some of y'alls suggestions. Hey, but at least I showed up. And finished. Killer work Sarah (the rower) - although I have to admit I called you alot of bad words in my head when you finished like a good 10 minutes before me. Impressive.
  16. Charlie Reply
    Fun workout. 14:55 with 65# and 20#.

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